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Eco Wash

$4.99 USD

Use less water, less time, less energy and save money. This Eco Wash is so fabric friendly there’s no need to rinse it out. It softens and cleans without a rinse cycle and even reduces static electricity on synthetic fabrics. Less agitation from reduced washing time lengthens the lifespan of fabrics. Also a great ecoalternative to dry cleaning, it is safe for most fabrics. A sustainable product that is biodegradable, non-toxic and free of petrochemicals and phosphates. It has been tested on towels, sheets, clothing and lingerie all with great results. Ideal for washing down duvets and other filled items since it is low sudsing.

-Non-toxic -Biodegradable
-Phosphate Free
-Petrochemical Free
-Recyclable HDPE Bottle
-No need to rinse
-Use as a Spot Cleaner
-Reduces Static Electricity -Low Sudsing
-Lanolin Softens Fabrics
-Gentle enough for Delicates
-Tough on Stains
-Fragrance Free
-Eco-friendly Alternative to Dry Cleanin

By Machine:
Fill with tepid water, Add Eco Wash*, Stop machine, Load washables, Squeeze gently, Soak for 30 minutes, By-pass rinse cycle, Spin water out. Dry according to the product washing instructions.

By Hand:
Fill basin with tepid water, Add Eco Wash, Squeeze article gently, Soak for 15 minutes (minimum), No need to rinse! Use 5ml/1 tsp. Eco Wash per 4L/1 gallon of water (more for heavily soiled items)

Always test colour-fastness; avoid heavy agitation; lay knit articles flat to dry out of direct heat & sunlight.

Harmful if swallowed. In case of eye contact, flush with water.
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