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Pure Australian Wool Duvet

$99.99 USD - $179.99 USD

Sleep under your own soft and luxurious pure wool duvet. You will be amazed at how rejuvenating a good night’s sleep can be. Our classic Pure Australian Wool duvet is an all-season duvet. It is filled with pure Australian wool and covered with a soft 100% cotton quilted cover that eliminates shifting, clumping and hollow spots. This duvet will help to regulate body temperature throughout the night, allowing you to achieve longer periods of deep, healthy sleep. Pure wool absorbs 30% of it’s weight in moisture helping you to maintain a fresh and dry sleep environment. This unique moisture management also creates an environment that is inhospitable to dust-mites (who love humidity thus their life cycle is reduced) and is a great choice for allergy sufferers. Wool comes from a renewable resource that is animal-friendly and completely bio-degradable therefore it is considered a sustainable textile.



  • Shell: 100% cotton, 233 count
  • Fill: 100% Australian wool
  • Weight: 300 GSM


Features & Benefits:

  • Excellent year-round comfort
  • Sewn through scroll quilting to eliminate fill shift
  • 8 anchor loops (Twin size: 6 anchor loops)


** Due to health reasons, duvets are final sale.  

Sizes AVAILABLE (in stores & online): 

Each item is sold individually (one per package). Limited quantities available, please call and verify availability at the store as stock changes daily.


  • Twin: 62" W x 88" L
  • Double: 78" W x 88" L
  • Queen: 90" W x 90" L
  • King: 106" W x 90" L
  • Super King: 114" W x 93" L



  • Shell: 100% Cotton, 233 Thread Count
  • Fill: 100% pure Australian wool
  • Weight: 300 GSM



Dry Clean Only. Do Not Wash. Spot clean possible. To eliminate odours and/or stains: Gently spot clean using a mild detergent. Expose to direct sunlight. Air dry, allowing to dry completely. With good day to day care a wool duvet can last years without needing to be dry cleaned. It is best to keep a duvet in a cover which protects it from dirt and dust. To freshen your wool duvet: Expose to sunlight and air. Sunshine brings out the natural lanolin in wool, allowing it to self-deodorize. As an alternative, your wool duvet may be placed in dryer with a few dryer balls. Place dryer on AIR cycle for 10 minutes. DO NOT use heat.

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