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Dream Bracelets for Charity

$2.00 USD - $10.00 USD

10,000 Dreams is an initiative to bring awareness to communities across Canada. There are many who are in need & together, we as a community can make a difference. Last year, we raised $7,607 and donated pillows and duvets to 50 community organizations and shelters across Canada… this year, we continue our efforts to support the homeless… Help eradicate homelessness in your community. Please show your support by purchasing a 10,000 Dreams #DreamBracelet.


All proceeds will be donated to The Salvation Army of Canada.


Learn more about 10,000 Dreams HERE.


Choice of Donation Amounts:


  • $2 for 1 bracelet
  • $5 for 1 bracelet
  • $10 for 1 bracelet

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$2 Donation


$2 Donation

$5 Donation


$5 Donation

$10 Donation


$10 Donation

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