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Crib Sized / Travel Bamboo-Blend Duvet Cover

$24.99 USD$14.99 USD - $24.99 USD

Bamboo-blend fibers are as soft as silk, naturally breathable, and come from a sustainable resource. Possessing ideal temperature regulating properties, they feel cool in summer and warm in winter. We blend our bamboo yarn with cotton yarn for added strength and durability without compromising its silky softness. Cotton yarn also helps maintain the shape of the product, as higher percentages of rayon from bamboo would cause it to shrink.The zippered cover has inside corner ties to keep the duvet in place. The size fits our Seventh Heaven crib sized down duvet or crib sized Elite microgel duvets. Also suitable for travel.



  • 60% Rayon from Bamboo, 40% Cotton,
  • 300 Thread Count

ITEMS AVAILABLE (in stores & online): 

Please call and verify availability at the store as stock changes daily.


Duvet Cover Sizes:

  • Crib: 36" x 45" 


  • 60% Rayon from Bamboo, 40% Cotton
  • 300 Thread Count

Washing Instructions:

Machine wash and dry on low heat settings. Overheating the bamboo blend fabric can cause excessive shrinkage. For fewer wrinkles, remove promptly from dryer. Touch up with medium-hot iron and/or steamer.

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