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Petite White Goose Down Duvet

$59.99 USD

Lull your child to sleep with this soft and fluffy Premium White Goose Down crib-size duvet. As members of the Canadian Down Association all our down products are inspected and sterilized to protect your little one and ensure long-lasting quality. Covered in a down-proof 233 thread count 100% cotton shell with piped edges and double stitching. Perfectly sized for toddler's beds. Also suitable for travel or as a warm throw for children.



  • Shell: 100% cotton, 233 thread count
  • Fill: Premium white goose down


Features & Benefits:

  • Excellent year around comfort
  • Baffle box construction, keeps the fill in place & makes the duvet extra fluffy & eliminates cold areas
  • Excellent body heat regulating qualities
  • Double piped bound edges
  • Crafted in Canada


Duvets are not recommended for infants under 12 months of age.

** Due to health reasons, duvets are final sale.  

Sizes AVAILABLE (in stores & online): 

Each item is sold individually (one per package). Limited quantities available, please call and verify availability at the store as stock changes daily.


  • Crib: 36" x 45" - 7.5 oz fill



  • Shell: 100% Cotton, 233 Thread Count.
  • Fill: Premium white goose down



With careful use, a down duvet should only require washing every 5 to 10 years, if at all. A small duvet can be laundered in a domestic front load machine. Larger sizes will require a commercial front load machine. Set the washer on gentle or delicate cycle and use a cool water wash and rinse. Set the machine to the maximum load capacity and add an appropriate amount of non-detergent liquid soap (such as woolite or zero). Allow the machine to fill and the liquid soap to dilute. Do not use any type of fabric softener. Submerge the down duvet into the water spreading it evenly. Allow the cycle to complete, and then put through a second rinse cycle. This will ensure all soap residue has been removed.


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Crib Sized White Goose Down Duvet


Crib Sized White Goose Down Duvet

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