Makeover Your Bed with a 5 Star Hotel Style

Makeover Your Bed with a 5 Star Hotel Style

2018 Mar 26th

Don’t you wish every day was a holiday? Staying in an exotic hotel, with those crisp sheets, tucked in corners and über soft duvets? Now you can create that 5 star hotel feeling, without having to leave the comforts of your own home! Just follow our 5 simple steps listed below.

1. Start With A Blank Slate: Hotels always have beautiful white bedding. Here are some of our customers’ favourite white beds.


Carlingdale ‘Providence’ Collection


Carlingdale ‘Malibu’ Collection

Carlingdale 'Cosmos Cloud' Collection

Carlingdale 'Cordoba' Collection

2. Choose Soft & Silky Sheets: Whether you prefer cotton, bamboo-blend or Tencel-blend sheets, we have all that and more.

Higher thread count is not always better. 300-600 thread count is the ideal. Less than 300 thread count means the fabric will be stiff and possibly scratchy. But anything more than 600 thread count is unnecessary. Instead, pay close attention to the fabric. If you’re a fan of  cotton, choose brushed cotton, cotton blend or Egyptian Cotton sheets. Cotton sateen sheets are soft & silky, whereas cotton percale sheets are crisp and clean.

Tencel or Bamboo Blend Sheet Sets

Want to be green or eco friendly? Tencel-blend sheets, made from the eucalyptus tree, are a customer favorite! Super silky and soft! Blended with cotton, Tencel creates a fabric with excellent temperature regulating properties enabling you to sleep comfortably year round. Our Bamboo Blend sheets are softer than cotton, with a drape like silk.


Bamboo-blend Sheets


Tencel-blend Sheet Set

3. Add a Fluffy Down Duvet: Down duvets feel like you’re sleeping under a warm soft cloud. There are 2 types of down, duck down or goose down, and within each of these types of down, there are different levels of quality. The more mature the down, the lighter, fluffier and longer lasting the duvet.


Allergic to down? There are many great alternatives, such as a  Microgel duvet or a heavenly silk duvet.

4. Add a Throw, or 2 or 3: The bigger and softer the better (Netflix marathons will never be the same again).

Wave Throw, available in Buttercup, Aqua, and Fog

5. Add Pillowsand pillows, and more pillows. Have you ever noticed, the best hotel rooms have lots & lots of pillows? It just adds that extra luxurious look & feel.


Carlingdale ‘Snow Leopard’ Collection