The Coziest Wedding Gift Ideas For 2021

The Coziest Wedding Gift Ideas For 2021

2021 Jun 15th

It’s that time of year season is upon us! If you’re feeling overwhelmed at the prospect of all that gift buying, worry no more. We’ve made some great gift-giving suggestions that’ll help any couple start their new life off right — and that starts with getting cozied up to each other. 

Wedding Gift Idea #1 — A Duo-Worthy Duvet 

The covers up/covers down debate is about as old as marriage itself. What do you do when your better half is also your warmer half? Fortunately it’s as easy an argument to solve as it is to get into. Natural silk is temperature-regulating and moisture-wicking, with ability to accommodate two different sleep temperatures at once. 

So with a silk-filled duvet, warm sleepers stay cool, cool sleepers stay warm, and everyone stays happy all night long. Plus silk is naturally hypoallergenic and dust mite resistant, making a silk duvet the perfect gift to start any marriage off on the right foot.

Wedding Gift Idea #2 — Luxury ‘Lovers’ Sheets

Although it might seem like an unconventional gift, when you consider how much of a difference a good set of sheets can make during the night, you’ll wonder why you’ve never thought of it before! Made with silky soft natural fibers, our eco-friendly  luxury sheets take any honeymoon —and every night thereafter — to the next level.

With their superior construction, pill-resistant finish, and hassle-free machine-washability, luxury sheets are a fabulous gift option that will stand the test of time long after wedding bells have faded. Plus, their sustainable nature ensures everyone will sleep more soundly knowing they’re helping the planet.

Wedding Gift Idea #3 — Designer Beds for the Newlyweds

Want your loved ones to feel even more excited about ending each day next to each other? Gift them one of our Designer Bedding Collections! While we carry a wide range of colour, size, and design options that are sure to satisfy everyone’s sleeping and style preferences, we’ve made a suggestion below to help get you started.

When it comes to the perfect wedding bedding, nothing else checks the boxes quite like an all-white bed does: it’s trendy yet timeless, and festive yet versatile. It’s the perfect way to welcome in this newly-wedded era of the couples’ lives while also reminding them of their special day. Whether you choose to go for a classic look with warm whites, a glam look with luxe shimmer, or a casual look with fun textures, we’ve got white bedding to suit every couple’s own unique style.

For more guidance,  check out our blog on how to dress the perfect white bed — our resident style guru Heike shows you how to put together the perfect look depending on your taste.

Wedding Gift Idea #4 — Cozy Couples Decor

Another option is to give a gift of comfort that extends beyond the bedroom. By treating the newlyweds to some cozy new accessories (like a cushion, blanket, throw, or quilt), you’ll help them refresh their home decor and up their relaxation game in one fell swoop. Plus, we offer a range of styles and colours that will compliment just about any interior aesthetic.

Decorative square cushions bring new energy to any room they’re placed in and elevate the surrounding space in fun, fresh ways. It’s easy to tailor your gift to the couples’ style, too. For example, you can add an accent of ‘silver’ or ‘grey’ to their home with a Cosmopolitan Square Cushion Cover, a Velvet Vine Square Cushion Cover, or Sheldon Square Cushion Cover, depending on their preferences (p.s. you’ll need a Square Cushion Insert as well).

Another great gift option is a blanket, throw, or quilt. Beyond adding some decorative flair to a home, these extra layers are perfect for cozying up on the couch, in bed, or adding comfort when on vacation. For a luxe gift, treat the lucky couple to our Mercado Oversized Velvet Quilt Set — they’ll love it’s sumptuous feel and versatility.

And now, it’s time to kiss the bride this blog goodbye! We hope you’re feeling inspired by these cozy wedding gift ideas. For more, head over to, book a free consultation with one of our bedding experts, or visit any of our 75+ locations to check out all the amazing items we offer that’ll help the lucky couple create the home of their dreams.

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