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Pearl Mulberry Silk Duvet

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  • 6 Reviews

    • 5
      Lightweight Silk Duvet

      Posted by LoriD on 2021 May 21st

      This duvet ticks all the boxes for me! It has just enough weight that it feels like a hug while you sleep, without being too heavy. After sleeping under a silk duvet in a hotel and loving it, I couldn't wait to purchase one for home and this duvet did not disappoint...I use it 3 seasons and then switch to my Down, although it probably would be enough year round, especially if you are a hot sleeper.

    • 5
      pearl mulberry silk duvet

      Posted by janice on 2021 Apr 9th

      After many attempts with down and alternative filling duvets I purchased the Pearl light weight silk duvet and finally enjoyed a good sleep without the rustling noise and over heating. Wish I had done it years ago. Highly recommend.

    • 5
      Pearl Mulberry Silk Duvet

      Posted by Sabina K on 2020 Aug 23rd

      Love it! I've been spending hours online reading articles and reviews. I wasted so much time when I could have just gone to my local store! They had all the samples available to touch. I'm very picky about the sound my duvet makes and the smell. I can't sleep with down and was worried about wool. So I got to compare the wool and the silk options. This duvet had the quietest and softest outer shell and didn't have an odor. But it was very thin. So I tested it last night. I couldn't sleep because I was so happy with it. I would be half awake thinking "wow I haven't had to put my feet out yet" or "it doesn't rustle in the night". I wanted to linger this morning. Also my miniature Dachshund didn't fidget at night either. So I have two hot sleepers next to me, lol. I also like to sleep on my stomach and scrunch up some comforter fabric under my chin. My old duvet was too puffy to do that and was always in my nose. This duvet is warm, but still cozy and not too warm. My feet were happy! I usually wrap them around in the duvet, but I didn't need to wrap them or stick them out later when they got too hot. Hubby said he was happy about the duvet as well. I also love that the loops in the duvet and the duvet cover match. I've spent too much money on duvet covers that don't fit. Now I know I can buy any duvet cover at QE and it will fit. I've asked my hubby to buy me a QE gift certificate for my birthday and Christmas!!! Best shopping experience ever!! If you're in Thunder Bay, ask for Suzette at QE. She rocks! She pulled out a multitude of duvet covers and put them on the display bed so I could see them. Can't do that at other home stores!! My duvet is from Seventh Heaven - and that is exactly what I'm in today:)

    • 5
      Pearl Mulberry Silk Duvet

      Posted by Shannon Murray on 2020 May 17th

      Absolutely love this

    • 5
      Amazing duvet.

      Posted by Northern Shopper on 2018 Nov 24th

      This is the perfect duvet as it is warmth without weight. I use it three-quarters of the years. Today I ordered my second on as I felt it was time. My first one lasted about nine years. Highly recommend this product.

    • 5
      Silk Duvet

      Posted by Lynn D on 2018 Nov 9th

      I can’t believe how warm this Duvet is. Being so thin I thought I would need a blanket as well but don’t, and even with just this and the bed sheet I am toasty warm and then some where I have to throw it off sometimes. Thank you QE for selling such a great product.

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