5 Ways To Stay Cool Summer 2021

5 Ways To Stay Cool Summer 2021

2021 May 25th

Though the lighter, longer hours of the summer make for more enjoyable days, nighttime is a different story for many. All too often, warmer weather equates to worse sleep. Waking up in the middle of the night only to desperately fling the covers off yourself is just one of the ways your slumber can be impinged by the heat. Trying to get to dreamland when the temperature is too high can be similarly exasperating. In those moments, it can feel like you’re forced to choose between staying cozy or keeping cool.

Well, fear not my fellow hot sleepers — the answer to overheating is here! We’ve put together 5 handy tips on how to stay cool at night while you sleep in bed. By following this advice and using these sleeping solutions, we guarantee you’ll be able to cool down while you cozy up.

  1. Lighten Up! Opt for a Lightweight Summer Duvet

    The first thing to ask yourself when it comes to beating the heat is whether your duvet is part of the problem (spoiler alert: probably!). Switching to a natural fiber-filled duvet that’s lightweight and breathable — like our luxurious down duvets or our Pearl Mulberry Silk Duvet — will help you maximize your comfort throughout the night.

    Our lightweight down duvets are specially constructed to allow for air flow and breathability while maintaining that lofty-soft signature feel we all know and love. Our Chinook duvet, in particular, stays cooler than our other down duvets, as its lighter fill ensures less heat is trapped by the down clusters. This helps you maintain a comfortable temperature while you sleep.

    Silk-filled duvets are another great option for keeping cool in the summer, as silk fibers are naturally temperature regulating, moisture wicking, and hypoallergenic! But that’s not all: a silk-filled duvet is perfect for beds that are shared, as silk can accommodate more than one sleeping temperature, so anyone underneath has the opportunity to snooze soundly.

    When it comes to choosing a silk duvet, it’s important to know what kind of silk is being used, as this will greatly affect how thermoregulating and cooling it is. Mulberry silk is the finest quality available, and is more finely woven, stronger, and smoother than other varieties—that’s why we use mulberry silk in all of our silk products!

  2. Choose Cooling Bed Sheets

    The right sleep starts with the right sheets. With so many options, it can be challenging to know where to begin. But don’t worry — that’s what we’re here for! Below are some great options for cooling sheets.

    Let’s start with Bamboo Cotton. Not only is this luxurious fabric velvety-soft, it’s also incredibly breathable. A sustainably-grown natural resource, bamboo fabrics have great temperature regulating properties. Blended with cotton to increase its strength and durability, our bamboo cotton sheets have a pleasing weight to them, and wash up great time and time again.

    Of course, the perfect summer sheeting lineup wouldn’t be complete without some luxurious BeechBliss TENCEL™ Modal sheets. Like our Bamboo Cotton sheets, our Beechbliss sheets are woven from sustainably grown and harvested plant matter (TENCEL™ Modal uses European beech wood trees!). Cool to the touch and moisture-wicking, these sheets help you stay at the perfect temperature all night long. These sheets are also perfect for people with sensitive skin, as they are hypoallergenic and comparable to natural silk.

  3. Add Cooling Layers (like a Bamboo Duvet Cover or Cotton Quilt)

    To maintain an ideal sleeping temperature all night long, it’s important to integrate cooling textiles throughout every layer of your bedding. If you love the gentle caressing feeling of our Bamboo Cotton sheets, then you better prepare yourself! Our temperature-regulating Bamboo Cotton fabric is also available in duvet covers. Pairing your sheet set with a Bamboo Cotton duvet cover, such as our Sicily Duvet Cover or our Merano Duvet Cover, is the ultimate way to beat the heat while sleeping! Fabric made from bamboo also resists clinging during hot weather.

    Another way to beat the heat is to use a quilt rather than a duvet. When used on their own, quilts provide a perfectly lightweight layer for those who prefer sleeping with something more thin and airy. Your best bet is to opt for one made from cotton, as the natural fiber is highly breathable and good for wicking moisture. Our oversized Cotton Waffle Quilt Sets are a fabulous option that will help you stay cool throughout the night.

    Last but not least, our Cool Touch Blanket is another fabulous option for staying chill at night. Its cooling textile technology and breezy bamboo backing immediately drops your body temperature two degrees, so you can stay comfortable and feel refreshed in an instant no matter where you are! With a convenient, shift-free construction and lightweight fill, this blanket has excellent portability and is great for travelling.

  4. Chill Out on a Cooling Mattress Topper

    Cooling mattress toppers are a brilliant way to transform a mattress, giving it new life with minimal cost. With the warmer weather here, why not transform your current sleeping set-up with an MLILY® 2” Gel Memory Foam Topper?

    This mattress topper is made with Gel AirCell™ technology memory foam and ventilation for enhanced breathability, so you feel cooler and more comfortable throughout the night. This topper also features an outer cover that uses innovative Ice Fiber technology to impart an immediate cooling effect. You’ll love the instant refreshment it provides! 

  5. Keep a Cool Head with a Cooling Pillow

    Tired of flipping your pillow over to get to the “cool side”? Well, flip no more! Keep a cool head during summer with the MLILY ® Cool Blue Memory Foam Pillow. Cool to the touch, the top layer of this pillow features MLILY ®'s Gel Phase Change material, which is an innovative technology that absorbs body heat in order to regulate your temperature better.

    What’s more, the MLILY ® Cool Blue Memory Foam pillow is perforated to allow for better airflow throughout the night. This feature keeps things cool and breathable, while still providing excellent responsive support for your neck. You’ll be amazed at how much of a difference having a cooling pillow makes — and you’ll wonder why you’ve never thought of it before! 

There you have it: 5 steps you can take to stay cool this summer! We hope you’ll be able to chill out while you cozy up now. For more cool products, visit any of our 70+ QE Home locations, or visit our website

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