Bamboo Charcoal 101

Bamboo Charcoal 101

Posted by Casey Dubyk on 2019 Aug 9th

You fell in love with our Bamboo with Activated Charcoal sheet set, now prepare to fall again! QE Home has introduced two key players to the sleeping game. Now available in stores and online are Bamboo Charcoal Duvets and MLILY® Bamboo Charcoal Memory Foam Pillows – both featured with this new fabric technology.


This is no ordinary memory foam pillow. Not only does it feature Bamboo Charcoal but it also has zoned technology. You’re probably thinking to yourself; “What does that mean?”. That’s what we are here for!

Zone Technology allows for your pillow to have two comfort zones: one in the center and another on the outer edging. The center of the pillow has larger holes, which provide optimal comfort for your head while you sleep. The outer edging of the pillow uses smaller holes to support your neck and correctly align your spine.

And don’t forget the Bamboo Charcoal aspect! Just like our Bamboo Charcoal sheets, the MLILY® Bamboo Charcoal Memory Foam Pillow also has a deodorization effect, preventing the growth of harmful bacteria, ensuring for a hygienic, odour-free sleeping experience.


Bamboo Charcoal is the new black. Our Bamboo Duvet with Activated Charcoal is renowned for its extraordinary properties to purify and deodorize, helping you and your duvet stay fresh and odor-free. Activated Charcoal wicks away perspiration and prevents excess moisture build up, which means you won’t find yourself uncomfortably hot through the night. Best part? It does all this while you sleep!

Lightweight and lofty this duvet is perfect for anyone with sensitive skin or warm sleepers.


Bamboo rayon blended with charcoal fabric is made from sustainably grown bamboo, heated to 800°C to become bamboo charcoal, and processed into ultra-fine nano particles, which are embedded into yarn and woven into fabric. The result is a silky soft, extremely durable fabric with excellent anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and temperature regulating properties.


Activated Charcoal has had a multitude of uses across the ages, going as far back as 3750 BC when the Egyptians first used it for smelting ores and creating bronze. In 400 BC the Ancient Hindus and Phoenicians discovered the antiseptic properties of Activated Charcoal and began using it to purify their water. A well-known practice for any long sea voyage was to store water in barrels that had been charred. Today there are many practical applications for Activated Charcoal, it can be found in soap and cosmetics, air filters, water purification and in a range of textiles including our new line of Bamboo Charcoal bedding!


Bamboo charcoal fabrics are environmentally friendly and biodegradable & have many beneficial qualities for our bodies and the environment:

  • Porous structure of the bamboo charcoal absorbs bacteria and unwanted odour
  • Perfect for sensitive skin, eczema and acne prone skin
  • Enables sheets to stay fresh longer- save time, water & electricity
  • Anti-static fabric- hair will slide and stay frizz free while you sleep
  • Superior absorption and deodorizing ability
  • Moisture regulation
  • Anti-bacterial
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