Our Top 10 Best Valentine’s Gifts To Give & Get

Our Top 10 Best Valentine’s Gifts To Give & Get

2023 Jan 17th

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, and that means it’s time to get hunting for your perfect gift. Whether you’re looking for a gift to give your longtime sweetheart, your dearest friends and family, or a treat for your newest darling, you’ve come to the right place. Let us show you our 10 favourite Valentine’s Day gifts!

#10: Cashmere Touch Fleece Blankets

These sensationally soft blankets are some of the best for cuddling together on cool weekend mornings, sleepy weekday evenings, or in front of a movie on Netflix. With an enchantingly soft surface and cool, calming colours, this gift is perfect for getting wrapped up with your loved ones.

#9: Angora Cushion Covers

If you or your loved one are in need of something soft to hug when you’re not together, you’ll both be thankful to have these cushions on-hand. These boudoir and square cushion covers feature a fluffy faux fur surface and a velvety smooth reverse for two types of lovable comfort. Just make sure to pick up some cushion inserts too so that your present’s all plump!

#8: Hot Water Bottles

A hot gift item during the holidays, our hot water bottles are a must-have for any personal care package, giving warmth and comfort right behind your back whenever they’re sick in bed or missing you from afar. Throw in their favourite teas and nighttime snacks, and you’ll have a memorable gift they’ll be gleeful to use on tough days.

#7: Modal Cotton Towels

These fluffy towels have an unforgettable feel, with incredible absorption and comfort for a beautiful post-shower treat. All that’s left is to warm it in the dryer so your loved one can feel truly treated!

#6: Cool Touch Blanket

What’s the best way to tell someone they’re hot? Give them an easy way to cool down! Besides being the perfect pun, our Cool Touch Blankets are made with a technical poly nylon blend that wicks warmth off the body, protecting them from overheating and lowering their temperature by two degrees to help them chill out in any season.

#5: BeechBliss TENCEL™ Modal Sheets

Temperature-regulating, moisture-resistant, and oh-so-silky smooth, our BeechBliss sheets are hard to beat if you share a bed with your giftee. Not only will they help you sleep softly each night, they’re sure to stay cool when your bedroom heats up, making them one of the best foundations for couples that love to cuddle.

#4 Plush Faux Fur Robe and Slippers

If someone in your life needs a little taste of hotel happiness waiting for them at home, it’s hard to go wrong with some luxurious loungewear to slip into. Our Plush Faux Fur Robes and Plush Faux Fur Slippers are soft as a velvet blanket, and immediately calming to throw on after a long bath. Some bath bombs or scented candles are a great extra add-in, but these alone will make for a dreamy relaxation kit.

#3: Weighted Blanket

It’s impossible to say no to a warm hug ー so why not give the feeling of one anytime they need it? Our All-Seasons Weighted Blanket mimics the sensation of being held or hugged, promoting a calm sensation to help relieve sleeplessness and reduce anxiety. With it, they can enjoy the comfort of being in your arms, no matter how far away you might be.

#2: Silk

Luxurious, lustrous, and great for hair and skin, any of our mulberry silk accessories are dreamy gifts on their own. Our Silk Gift Sets feature a matching pillowcase and sleep mask if you want to give a sensational sample, but if hair wraps or full new sheets are more their speed, you can always build your own silk package to fit your Valentine’s tastes!

#1: Valentine’s Fleece Throw

Without a doubt, no Valentine’s Day is complete without something full of love, and our Valentine’s Fleece Throws will show it clearly as day. From friends to family to long-term spouses, these adorable accessories are perfect on their own, or with any extra accoutrements you have in store.

We hope these gift ideas can help you put together the perfect present! If you need a few extra ideas, check our full Valentine’s Gift Guide to find exactly what your sleepy sweetheart needs, and don’t forget to subscribe to our mailing list for weekly deals on more of our best bedroom gifts.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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