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Budget Hacks for Students

Budget Hacks for Students

2018 Aug 17th

Sticking to a student budget doesn’t mean you need to live off instant noodles (though we wouldn’t say no to the odd Friday night in with a pack of Ichiban original flavor). Read on for some super simple, surprisingly effective budget hacks, and start living your best student life.

1. Plan out a budget! Being smart about money doesn’t mean you need to go cold turkey on spending. Make a list of expenses, and then figure out whether/how you can afford them. Separate your list into Needs vs. Wants to make prioritizing easier. Sign up for newsletters of companies you’re likely to buy from for heads up on sales, exclusive coupons, and other perks.

2. Never grocery shop when you’re hungry! If you have a kitchen, buy whole, healthy ingredients and cook as often as you can. Batch cooking for the week on Sundays saves time AND money during the week.

3. Keep a stash of granola bars, energy bars, or whatever other protein-rich snacks float your boat for quick breakfasts and study snacks. Swinging by Starbucks every morning adds up fast!

4. Buy used textbooks as much as possible. A little dried on nacho cheese sauce on page 33 never hurt anyone, and it’s better for the environment too!

5. Shop at QE Home and get the best value for your money, PLUS a free pillow when you spend $50 or more in store! Have you seen what pillows retail for these days!? There’s no better deal on a place to rest your money-maker.

6. Not feelin that scratchy dorm mattress? No need to splash out on a whole new one. A simple mattress topper is often all you need to spruce up a subpar mattress and improve the quality of your sleep, and therefore your studies.

7. Finally, DO NOT MISS OUT on your chance to win a $1000 SCHOLARSHIP! Until September 12th, post your best school throwback photo to Instagram with the hashtags #throwbacktoschool and #MyQEStyle and you could WIN! Full contest details here.