Don't Sweat It: The Ultimate Warm Weather Bed

Don't Sweat It: The Ultimate Warm Weather Bed

2018 Jun 1st

Staying snuggly without breaking a sweat is tough in hot weather. We all know the struggle – it’s too hot under the covers, but sleeping without them? That’s just wrong.

Well, flail no more! At QE Home, we have everything you need for the perfect warm weather bed, from headboard to baseboard.


The ideal summer sleep starts with the right sheet set. We love our TENCEL™ Sheet Sets for a lot of reasons, but number one is probably their unparalleled temperature-regulating capabilities. These almost defy description, so we encourage you to get to your nearest QE Home store and have a feel of these bad boys yourself. They’re cool to the touch, and the breathable fabric wicks moisture all night long, so you stay cool and comfy without tossing and turning.

And the best part? Our signature TENCEL® and TENCEL® Blend fabric is available in a range of stunning duvet covers, cushion covers, pillow shams, and pillowcases too, so you can cocoon yourself completely in cozy coolness.

Mayfield Collection by Carlingdale, in 100% TENCEL®

Dawn Collection by Carlingdale, in 50% TENCEL®, 50% Cotton


Next, let’s talk duvets. That ultra-lofty baffle box contraption you snuggle up under during the winter? Probably not the best thing for when the temperature is pushing the mid-life crisis side of double digits. But you don’t need to forsake the duvet entirely! Roll that thing up and stick it in the linen closet for colder weather, in favour of one of our many luxurious lightweight duvets.

Silk fill is a great option, since it’s naturally temperature regulating, moisture wicking and hypoallergenic. Plus, it can accommodate more than one sleep temperature, keeping everyone happy, and putting an end to the age old late night covers up/covers down standoff.

Down can be great in summer as well. Our lightweight down duvets are specially constructed to allow for air flow and breathability, while maintaining that lofty soft signature feel we all love.


Still sound like too much? If you’re really sweating, try switching out your duvet for a lightweight quilt or coverlet, in everything from breathable 100% cotton to budget friendly microfiber, and styles ranging from trendy neutrals to timeless florals. Plus, leave them on the bed on top of your duvet in winter, for a lovely pop of colour long after the weather turns cold.

Westbury Coverlet Set

Encanto Cotton Quilt Set in Bluesmoke


You’re probably familiar with memory foam as a great ergonomic alternative to more traditional bedding materials. But did you know it can help keep you cool as well as comfortable? Our MLily cooling memory foam products are specially designed to regulate sleep temperature. Gel Phase Change Material absorbs body heat, and ventilation holes promote airflow, so the cool side of the pillow lasts all night long. Available in both pillow and mattress topper options.

So there you have it! Sleep just a soundly in the summer as you do in the winter, without resorting to sleeping on the porch (unless you’re into that kind of thing).

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