Hibernation Hacks for Your Best Winter Sleep

Hibernation Hacks for Your Best Winter Sleep

Colder weather and longer nights are officially here. If you find yourself fending off accusations of blanket hogging, tossing and turning, or just plain old waking up grumpy, it might be time to consider switching up your sleep style. Often the key to a good winter sleep is simply a matter of the right bedding – whether it’s an extra layer, a warmer duvet, or even snuggling up to a faux fur hot water bottle. Read on to rekindle that sleep spark!

The Lowdown on Duvets

Probably the most important factor in a snug sleep is picking the right duvet. A good quality duvet will insulate against the cold, while remaining breathable and moisture wicking, so you stay warm without getting sweaty. Look for higher GSM (grams per square metre) in silk-filled duvets, and higher fill power in down-filled duvetsPure white goose down is particularly effective at trapping in heat. A wool duvet or microgel duvet for added moisture wicking capability is also a great option. For a more in depth breakdown on picking the right duvet for you, check out our Duvet Guide.

It's All About Layers

They say dress in layers for colder weather, and the same is true of your bedding! An extra layer is a quick, easy, and affordable way to warm up your sleep space, and is easily added or removed as your needs change. Plus, it's a great way to add a fresh splash of colour or pop of pattern to transform your room for the change of season. For a lightweight layer to drape across the bed, over the couch, or around your shoulders, a throw is a great option. For more coverage, go for a blanket, quilt, or coverlet. These also transition wonderfully to use on their own in warmer weather. Collect a few and switch them out regularly for a change of scenery, or layer them on when the wind really starts blowing.

Don't Forget Flannel

Few things feel cozier on a cold day than 100% cotton flannel. And there’s no reason that feeling has to be limited to your favourite shirt or winter housecoat! Our Flannel Cotton Sheet Set drapes your bed from head to toe in ultra soft, insulating cotton flannel. Choose from a range of rich colours and charming prints, or grab a few to mix and match. Then crawl in and curl up!

Faux Fur For Sure

If hibernation season has you feeling a bit like a grumpy bear, why not roll with it? Our range of ultra soft and luxurious faux fur products will have your cave as cozy as can be, no matter the weather. Faux fur throws and cushions add a fluffy, plush layer, and a faux fur water bottle is the ultimate snuggle buddy on a windy night. Collect a few and deck out the whole den!

Dreamy Designer Bedding

A bedroom makeover in warm winter tones can go a long way toward making you feel cozier. Plus, breathable, moisture wicking natural fibres like TENCEL™, bamboo, and cotton help regulate temperature and feel silky soft against your skin. 

For more sage advice, you can always book a free consultation with one of our bedding experts. They'll be happy to help you get the hibernation you deserve. 

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