How to Set a Mood With Eight Popular Bedding Colours

How to Set a Mood With Eight Popular Bedding Colours

2020 Nov 19th

There are few things in design more powerful than colour.

After all, colour can literally affect the way you feel — your mood and your energy levels.

In general, warmer colours, like reds, are energizing, passionate, and positive. Think fire, fall leaves, and sunsets. Cooler colours, like blues, greens, and purples, are more soothing and subdued. Think water, nature, and nighttime.

Of course, there are also neutral colours, like whites, grays, and browns. These shades give you design flexibility. You can combine them with brighter accent colours, or use them on their own for a clean, sophisticated feel.

So the colour of your bedding is an important design decision! Not sure how to choose? Start by asking yourself, “What mood do I want to set in my bedroom?”

Once you have your answer, find your match from the following popular bedding colours!

8 Popular Bedding Colours

Green: tranquil, rejuvenating, balancing

Sicily Green and Teal Duvet Cover

As nature’s primary shade, green is innately relaxing. Reminiscent of lush fields and forests, green can bring an outdoorsy, natural feel into the bedroom. It’s known as not only a tranquil colour, but one that can restore and rejuvenate the mind.

Fun fact: green is the most restful colour for your eyes! Of all the colours, it causes the least eyestrain because its wavelength is the easiest for us to see — making it a great choice for bedding.

Blue: calm, meditative, centering

Many believe blue is the quintessential colour for the bedroom — and with good reason. Blue is super soothing. It’s even been shown to lower blood pressure! It can help you clear your mind at the end of the day and promote a calm, sleep-ready state.

Darker blues work well in rooms with plenty of natural light, while cool dusty blues can lighten things up and create a chill environment. Blues also play well with a range of colours — greens, browns, even pinks and purples, work well as accents with this colour bedding.

Purple: luxurious, mysterious, creative

Also known as “blue-gone-glam”, purple is a playful colour that definitely has its place in the bedroom. Historically, the colour purple was reserved for royalty, and to this day, it’s associated with living a life of luxury.

Purple is also thought to spark creativity. So if you’re an artist or writer who likes to work in your bedroom, it could be the perfect fit. Use lighter shades like lavender and lilac for a more soothing vibe or choose bedding with purple accents for just a hint of whimsy.

Pink: fun, lively, positive

Dawn Duvet Cover with Pink Blooms

Not just for your little princess, pink is a fun, positive colour to use in any bedroom! It can add warmth and a vibrant vibe, without being overwhelming. Choose bedding with pops of pink to achieve a look that’s both lively and sophisticated.

And if you think pink is too much, think again. This colour is actually known to have a calming effect on nerves (it’s called "The Pink Effect”!). So surrounding yourself with soft pink accents can be quite relaxing and help relieve negative feelings.

Red: passionate, intimate, comforting

Aubrey Red Duvet Cover

If you’re looking to dial up the romance in your bedroom, there’s nothing like the colour red. Known to raise energy levels (and even heart rate!), red is a good choice for inspiring passion and making a statement.

Contrary to popular belief, red can work beautifully in the bedroom. When seen in the evening by lamplight, it often comes across more muted, yet retains a warmth and richness that’s oh-so-inviting.

Brown: warm, cozy, secure

Fresco Duvet Cover with Brown and Taupe Print

Brown is the perfect warm neutral. Associated with natural materials like wood and stone, this colour is great for creating a space that feels earthy, safe, and welcoming. A duvet cover in brown tones will create a cozy vibe in the bedroom, ideal for fall and winter.

Being a neutral, brown is also quite versatile. Most rooms and accessories will work well with brown-toned bedding. So if you’re someone who likes to add lots of cozy accents, like throws and cushions, brown may be an ideal choice!

Grey: soothing, sophisticated, grounding

Theo Grey Duvet Cover

If sophistication is your number one goal, go grey. This soothing neutral is the perfect base for a refined bedroom design. It doesn’t compete for attention, so you’re free to add pops of colour with accessories, furniture, or feature walls.

Grey is also quite grounding. It can provide comfort after a hectic day. So this colour is a good choice for bedding and offers a clean, modern feel. For those who like to keep it simple and stylish, you’ve found your match.

White: serene, fresh, timeless

Astoria White Bedding Collection

White will never go out of style. Nor will you tire of it over time! There’s a whole range of whites to choose from, but they all have one thing in common: they bring a crisp, clean freshness to the bedroom and an effortless elegance unlike any other hue.

When you start with a white duvet cover, your options for layering are endless. White can also make small rooms feel larger. So if you want your bedroom to feel expansive and airy, white bedding is a safe, serene style choice.

Find Your Perfect Bedding Colour

Of all the rooms in a home, the bedroom is the most personal. It’s a space that’s just for you, and sometimes, a significant other. So it’s definitely a space worth splurging on to make it feel just right…

And choosing the right colour bedding can go a long way to creating a bedroom you'll love for years to come. 

All it takes is a moment of reflection. What mood do you want to evoke? What look are you going for? And most importantly, what will make you feel comfortable and happy?

If you’re still torn between this colour or that, not to worry. Our friendly bedding consultants are always here to help. Book a virtual consultation for expert styling advice, on us

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