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Memory Foam: An Aid to Sounder Sleep

Memory Foam: An Aid to Sounder Sleep

2019 Jun 5th

Few things are as important to your well-being as a good, restful night’s sleep. While we often used to hear about high-powered, top-level professionals boasting about thriving on only 3 to 4 hours of sleep a night, the conversation around sleep and success has since changed pretty drastically. The message is no longer that we have to whittle down on sleep to be successful - if anything, it’s the exact opposite: less sleep = less productivity, and the today the challenge has become achieving a better, deeper and longer sleep to ensure more productivity and a healthier body and mind.

All of our MLILY®memory foam pillows are specially formulated to be soft and supportive as well as durable and consistent - this includes our purifying and deodorizing MLILY® Bamboo CharcoalMemory Foam pillow, and our cooling MLILY® Cool Blue Memory Foam pillow.

They’re OEKO-TEX® and CentiPUR-US® certified, so you can rest assured they’re free from harmful chemicals and stand up to the test of long lasting durability.