Pima Cotton: Quality, Cultivation, and Benefits

Pima Cotton: Quality, Cultivation, and Benefits

Pima cotton has long been prized as the finest quality cotton in the world — and with good reason!

This luxuriously soft, ultra-durable fabric will stand the test of time and add timeless elegance to any bedroom. Meanwhile, the fabric’s fine weave drapes the body in a comforting, silky weight that evokes a stay at a five-star hotel.

So where does this high-quality cotton come from, and why is it so sought after?

What is Pima Cotton?

Pima cotton is exceedingly rare. In fact, less than 10% of the world’s cotton is “Pima” grade!

This exquisite cotton is primarily grown in three different areas: The southwestern regions of the United States, Australia, and Peru. 

The distinguishing characteristic of Pima cotton is its “extra-long staple”. (Staple refers to the length of a cotton fiber.) And when it comes to the weaving process, longer cotton fibers make for a smoother, stronger, more uniform end result.

That’s why Pima cotton, with its extra-long fibers and carefully controlled cultivation process, has many desirable qualities...

The Benefits of Pima Cotton

Luxuriously Soft

The longer the cotton fibers woven together, the fewer fiber ends will stick out of the finished product. So Pima cotton’s extra-long fibers make for a luxuriously soft, smooth fabric, with just a hint of sheen. This type of fabric only gets softer with time, and is ideal for those with sensitive skin!


Pima cotton’s extra-long fibers also make for a strong, ultra-durable fabric. In fact, manufacturers estimate Pima cotton has a 50% longer life expectancy than other cotton products. It’s resistant to fraying, tearing, pilling, and fading! So Pima cotton bedding will stand the test of time, while retaining the look and feel you love.

Temperature Regulating

Pima cotton has excellent temperature regulating properties. The fine weave of this cotton is highly breathable, which also means it doesn’t retain heat like some other fabrics. Paired with high moisture wicking abilities (a fabric’s ability to pull moisture away from the skin), and you have the perfect material for warm weather or warm sleepers!

Easy to Care For

Unlike some higher quality fabrics, Pima cotton isn’t finicky to care for. Most labels indicate you can wash and dry your Pima cotton in a machine using a natural detergent. Of course, you’ll want to choose a gentle cycle, wash in warm or cool water, and tumble dry on low to prevent shrinking. But generally, there’s no need to hand wash, dry clean, or iron Pima cotton.

How to Achieve an Elegant Look With Pima Cotton

Our new 100% Pima Cotton Duvet Covers will instantly elevate the look of your bedroom, and their ongoing luster will keep your bed feeling fresh for years to come! With a luxurious 800-thread-count and delicate embroidered edges, these solid-coloured duvet covers are as soft, as they are elegant.

Plus, our Pima cotton is cultivated in limited quantities to ensure quality, so you can rest assured you’re getting the finest cotton in the world.

Simply choose your favourite from our three rich shades and bring a five-star hotel look home!

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