Six Things You’ve Always Wondered About Canada, Explained

Six Things You’ve Always Wondered About Canada, Explained

We wanted to spread the wise word about the Great White North this Canada Day long weekend, so we asked our token American here at QE Home HQ what Canadianisms she’s most confused about, then did our best to answer. Read on for the lowdown on everything from milk-in-a-bag to whether or not we know Dave from Toronto (we don’t). 


1.Why does your money look like that?

Listen, we’ve come a long way since beaver pelts, ok? In fact, until 1759, playing cards were legal tenderin the French colonies. This practice was (fairly) criticized for being easy to counterfeit, and Canadian currency as we know and love it has evolved substantially since then. You may say it looks like monopoly money, but we sleep pretty easy knowing for certain we’ve never put down a fifty when we meant to put down a five.

2. Where can I see a bear?

Just head downtown!

3. What’s with the bagged milk?

Hey, don’t look at us. We’re Vancouver-based, we can’t answer for whatever they’re up to east of the prairies. We did have a quick google though, and it looks like some folks in Toronto are up to some pretty neat stuff upcycling used bags into sleeping mats, handbags, pillows and other much-needed resources. Head over to if you want to get involved.

4. How do you survive under the constant threat of injury from legalized Kinder Surprise Eggs?

What can we say, we like to live dangerously.

5. Do I need a sweater?

Really tough to say. If you’re headed to Calgary, maybe stuff one in next to your flip flops? Chinook winds are notoriously fickle, and have been confusing tourists for centuries.

6. Do you know Dave from Toronto?


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