The Importance of a Healthy Sleep

The Importance of a Healthy Sleep

2019 Mar 14th

The right body temperature is one of the key elements to a healthy sleep. 

Duvets For Hot Or Cold Sleepers

Are you a hot sleeper

Try a lightweight silk duvet, such as the Pearl Mulberry Silk Duvet - Box stitch duvets are filled first, and then square compartments are stitched directly through both layers of fabric. The result is a lighter weight duvet with less filling along the stitching line and limited loft. Box stitch duvets are ideal for summer use and/or warm sleepers.

Or a down alternative duvet, such as the Pure Australian Wool Duvet - A classic, all-season duvet, filled with pure Australian wool and covered with a cozy soft 100% cotton quilted cover. This duvet will help to regulate body temperature throughout the night, allowing you to achieve longer periods of deep, healthy sleep. Pure wool absorbs 30% of its weight in moisture helping you to maintain a fresh and dry sleep climate.

Cold sleeper?

Try an extra warmth down duvet, such as our Canadian Crafted, Downmark approved Imperial White Goose Down Duvet - Baffle box construction, which consists of a series of evenly spaced square compartments, separated by vertical walls of fabric stitched inside the duvet. This allows the down to loft fully and spread evenly through each compartment, improving insulation and eliminating cold spots.

Do you prefer something that's not down? Try a heavier silk duvet, like our Meridian Mulberry Silk Duvet - Individually handmade and filled with A grade 100% long strand Mulberry silk floss, the finest silk available. The Meridian is designed for cooler nights providing the perfect degree of warmth all night long while adding a little more weight on your body than our lightweight silk duvet. 

Temperature-Regulating Sheets

Our luxury sheets – bamboo cotton blend sheetsTENCEL™ Lyocell Blend sheets, and TENCEL™ Modal sheets, – provide excellent temperature regulating and moisture-wicking qualities to keep you at your ideal temperature all night no matter the season.

Allergy-Free Pillows

CertiPUR-US certified memory foam pillows that help to regulate your temperature all night long:

MLILY® Cool Blue Memory Foam Pillow – Gel Phase Change Material absorbs body heat to regulate temperature all night long.

MLILY® Bamboo Charcoal infused Memory Foam Pillow -- regulate moisture, odor and temperature.

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