The Many Benefits of Stone Washed Bedding

The Many Benefits of Stone Washed Bedding

2021 May 5th

Like breaking in a new pair of shoes, some material looks and feels its best once it's been lived-in and loved. But it takes time for such a fabric to reach optimum softness — that’s where ‘stone washing’ comes into play. Stone washed fabrics give you all the benefits of well-laundered linen, like an effortlessly cool aesthetic and a more supple hand-feel, without any of the wait!

But what is stone washing exactly? Read on to learn about this special process and how it makes soft, snuggle-worthy bedding that will stand the test of time!

What Is Stone Washing?

Just like the name suggests, stone washing involves a special kind of industrial wash cycle wherein stones (such as volcanic rock or pumice) are incorporated into the pre-wash treatment of a fabric during production. With the addition of their mechanical force and friction, the stones work to accelerate the “garment wash” effect of well-laundered linen by safely and naturally wearing down textile fibers, which in turn increases the material’s flexibility and softness. This tumbling process (a rocking n’ rolling, if you will) loosens the weave of the fabric, giving the material a distinct lived-in texture, light wrinkled effect, and lovely hand-feel.

As we touched on earlier, there are many great reasons why stone washed fabrics have become so popular. Let’s take a closer look at the unique qualities that make stone washed bedding, in particular, such a fabulous option.

The Benefits of Stone Washed Bedding

1. A super soft feel


One of the most notable benefits of stone washed bedding is, of course, the softness! Stone washing makes for fabric that feels great against the skin right out of the package, so you don’t have to wait to “break in” the material over a few washes. Because this special technique expedites the softening process, sleeping on stone washed bedding is a surefire way to increase your comfort level at night, which in turn promotes a healthier, more satisfying rest right from the get go.

In other words, your sleep will rock.

2. A fuss-free look


Another reason to seek out stone washed bedding is due to its aesthetic appeal. Because of this special treatment and tumbling method, stone washed fabric takes on a unique texture that adds a timeless, relaxed elegance to any bedroom. What’s more, embracing this lightly weathered, low-maintenance look and the natural crumples it creates means there’s no need to worry about ironing out wrinkles or spending additional time on upkeep.

Stone washed bedding keeps things looking casual and comfortable, yet classic — the perfect combo.

3. No fading or shrinking


While some bed linen can shrink after the first wash — and inevitably alter its ability to properly fit your bed — stone washing pre-shrinks the material, meaning your bedding will retain its size and shape perfectly. Another benefit that comes from opting for pre-washed fabric is that you can rest easy knowing your bedding will stay true to colour, as this unique process significantly protects your linens from fading.

Maintaining your bedding’s brilliance has never been so easy.

4. Non–toxic and safe


Finally, stone washing is awesome because it softens your linens in a safe, non-toxic manner. In contrast to chemically-softened fabrics, stone washing stands out because the natural force and friction supplied make for softer sheets that last! While chemical softening produces fabric that might feel silky smooth initially, non-natural methods are notoriously impermanent — as the linen reverts back to a less satisfying texture once the chemical softeners have been washed out over a few laundry cycles. With stone washing, there’s no need to worry about short-lived softness, or any potential chemical sensitivities. 

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