Valentine’s Gift Ideas For Every Sleepy Sweetheart

Valentine’s Gift Ideas For Every Sleepy Sweetheart

2022 Jan 14th

The gift you give to show your heart should fit your style of love

Every relationship is different. Whether you’re celebrating Valentine’s Day with your sweetie of several years, your fresh puppy love partner, or just someone in your life you can’t imagine yourself without, Valentine’s Day is the time to show your most special someone just how much you care.

The gifts you give should fit your style of love, and a good gift can give someone a great reason to dream of you ー so why not give a gift that makes it even easier?

If you’re not sure what to get, but want to help your loved one sleep a little easier, we’ve got plenty of Valentine’s gift ideas that are sure to match your needs.

Gifts for your Brand New Bae

Young or old, new or old-fashioned, love is always different the first time around. You and your partner might be far from milestones like moving in or marriage, but for now all you need is to have fun growing closer. After all, you can always worry about the future tomorrow.

These are some smaller Valentine's gifts for new relationships that’ll show them you care, and that you’d love to keep the door open for something more.

Valentine’s Fleece Throws

These Valentine’s fleece throw blankets are the perfect way to share your love, and come in classic cursive Love Lines and cutely colourful Big Heart styles to suit your partner’s style.

100% Silk Twist Headband

Made with the same Mulberry Silk as our Silk Moon Pillowcases (the finest grade of silk available), these lovely accessories are a great touch of fashion that’s incredibly gentle on their hair.

Linen Love Dryer Ball Set & Laundry Blend

These laundry sets will help your partner feel fresher every laundry day ー and if they’re a save-the-planet kind of bae, they’re sure to appreciate some shorter dryer time.

Gifts for your Long-Time Partner In Crime

When you find your true love, it’s hard to let go. No matter what label you put on yourselves, you two know you’re not going anywhere soon, and that trust makes for a relationship that feels like home. They’re with you as you go to sleep, and they’ll be there every time you wake up.

You’re in it for the long-haul, so these Valentine’s gifts for husbands, wives, and other long-term loves will let you share some rest together.

Eucalyptus Luxe Sheet Set

Beautiful, breathable, and buttery soft, our Eucalyptus Luxe sheets are perfect for curling up after a long week, with moisture-wicking and temperature regulating properties to keep you cozy as you’re in each other’s arms.

Milos Duvet Cover

For couples that long to travel together, Milos will whisk you to a dreamy retreat. Named for a serene Greek island on the Aegean sea, this collection brings a vacation feel right to your bedroom.

Down Duvet

For something that’ll keep you both cozy for your many years to come, a down duvet is a tried & true classic. If you plan to stay in bed together for a long time, they’re sure to appreciate you making it even cozier.

Gifts for Friends You’ve Made Along The Way

Love takes all sorts of forms, and that goes for you and your friends as well. Just because you’re not dating doesn’t mean you don’t care about them, and a good friend deserves your love as much as any romantic partner.

February 14th is a great excuse to share that love with them, so these Valentine's gifts for friends will let you show how much you appreciate them.

Purifying Essential Oil Mist

Your friends deserve a fresh feeling whenever they walk into a room, and our essential oil mists in Good Morning and Good Health are sure to give them the positive vibes they've always had for you.

Silk Scrunchies

For a sweet accessory that’s a little more subtle, these scrunchies will help their hair stay healthy & smooth ー even if their day makes them break a sweat.

Plush Faux Fur Slippers

These plush slippers are sure to help your bestie relax as they lounge around their house, so that you can literally be with them every step of the way.

Gifts for your Long-Distance Loved Ones | Long Distance Valentines Gifts

Love in this decade has been tougher than ever, and long-distance couples have never been more common. Tons of couples have partners that are spending time with family or staying safe alone, and many other new relationships have started with distance from the beginning.

If you and your partner can’t cuddle up together, these Valentine’s gifts for long distance boyfriends, girlfriends, and partners will let you know how much you miss them.

Balance Weighted Blanket

For those that wish they could cuddle up close, a weighted blanket feels like a hug from afar, so they can always sleep like you’re holding them in your arms.

Plush Faux Fur Hot Water Bottle

If you two miss snuggling together for warmth in the colder months, or want to give some far-away support for when they get sick, a hot water bottle is a must.

Bedside Felt Pocket

Help them keep everything for your nightly facetime calls right by the side of their bed. You can even fill with trinkets, gifts, and snacks they love to make it a cutie care package!

Gifts for your Special Spicy Someone

If your bedroom is more than just a place to sleep, you and your partner might be looking forward to a different kind of lover’s holiday. After all, there’s nothing wrong with enjoying some fun under the covers, so why not add some extra spice to your good time?

If you and your partner plan on spending a passionate day in bed together, these Valentine’s gifts for the bedroom should help you enjoy yourselves a little more.

100% Mulberry Silk Gift Set

The perfect mix of smooth and sensual, our Silk Gift Sets feature a pillowcase for rest, an eye mask for mystery, and a delicates bag for anything you plan on bringing to the bedroom.

BeechBliss TENCEL™ Modal Sheet Set

With their silky cool touch and moisture-wicking surface, these sheets will keep you cool while your bedroom heats up. Plus, they’ll make for a luxurious sleep once you’re both tired out.

Plush Faux Fur Bathrobe

Perfect as a gift for them, or a sultry surprise to wear when they come in, these bathrobes are sensationally soft and feature a stylish faux fur trim ー so don’t be surprised if they don’t want to take it off.

Still having trouble finding the right gift? Make your special someone’s dream comes true by checking out our full Valentine’s Gift Guide, or booking a free virtual consultation with our Sleep Stylists.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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