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Wedding Gift Ideas: From Trendy to Timeliness

Wedding Gift Ideas: From Trendy to Timeliness

2019 Jul 2nd

Wedding season is upon us! If you’re feeling overwhelmed at the prospect of all that gift buying, fret no more. We have the perfect selection for every couple to help them start their new life off right with a good night’s sleep.

For the couple who have everything except compatible sleep temperatures:

The covers up/covers down debate is about as old as marriage itself. What do you do when your better half is also your warmer half? Fortunately it’s as easy an argument to solve as it is to get into. Natural silk is temperature-regulating and moisture-wicking, with ability to accommodate two different sleep temperatures at once. So with a silk-filled duvet, warm sleepers stay cool, cool sleepers stay warm, and everyone stays happy all night long. Plus silk is naturally hypoallergenic and dust mite resistant, making a silk duvet the perfect gift to start any marriage off on the right foot.

For the couple who’ve perfected the art of sleeping in:

Made with silky soft natural fibres, Luxury Sheets will take any honeymoon to the next level. Plus, with their superior construction, resistance to pilling, and easy-care machine-washability, they’ll stand the test of time long after wedding bells have faded.

For the couple who love to show off their style:

Our exclusively designed bedding collections range in style from trendy to timeless, meaning there’s something for every taste (or combination of tastes). Whether you’re in search of something sassy or sophisticated, refined or floral, we have a bedding collection to make the perfect gift for any couple.

Kailua Bedding Collection by Home Republic

Theo Bedding Collection by Home Republic

Head to for these and many more gifts ideas – from throws to lightweight layers– to help any couple start building a beautiful home together, from the bedroom out.