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Cameo Mulberry Silk Duvet

$399.99 USD$369.99 USD

Created with over 150 layers of silk floss webbing, the Cameo Duvet is designed for cooler nights providing the perfect degree of warmth all night long while adding a little more weight on your body than our lightweight Sentosa silk duvet. The Cameo silk duvet is produced with the silk floss laid back and forth creating a secure webbing before being delicately boxed stitched to prevent any silk from shifting. The Cameo duvet includes a discreet zipper inserted on the side seam enabling you to actually see and touch the pearly white silk filling in your duvet! Complete with corner and side anchor loops that neatly attach to our exclusive duvet cover inner ties keeping your duvet securely in place all night long.

The Cameo Duvet uses 100% Mulberry silk floss fill. 70% consists of Grade A Mulberry Silk and the remaining 30% is Grade B Mulberry Silk. This specially formulated ratio ensures a competitive price-point without compromising quality and performance.



  • Shell: 100% cotton, 400 thread count Jacquard
  • Fill: 70% Grade A, 30% Grade B Mulberry silk


Features & Benefits:

  • Excellent year-round comfort
  • Easy view access for added assurance of top quality silk fill
  • Double piped bound edges
  • Box stitch shell
  • 8 anchor loops (Twin size: 6 anchor loops)
  • 350 GSM


** Due to health reasons, duvets are final sale.  

Sizes AVAILABLE (Online Only, in stores soon): 

Each item is sold individually (one per package).


  • Queen: 90" W x 90" L
  • King: 106" W x 90" L
  • Super King: 114" W x 93" L


  • Shell: 100% Cotton, 400 Thread Count Jacquard
  • Fill: 70% Grade A, 30% Grade B Mulberry silk



If you do use a cover, the silk duvet itself will almost never need cleaning. 

Treat localized spillages immediately by wiping the affected area with a clean white damp cloth. If the spillage has penetrated through to the silk floss, delicately hand wash the affected area only using lukewarm water (maximum 30┬░ Centigrade) and a small drop of Woolite or comparable, then rinse thoroughly using cold water. If a more thorough washing is necessary you can wash your silk duvet in a front loading washing machine on a delicate cycle. Top loading machines can exert excess strain and pulling due to the agitator. Dry flat. When dry, your silk duvet can be fluffed in a dryer using a no heat air setting for a short time, not to exceed 30 minutes. Heat can shrink the silk fibers.

"Sun curing" is the traditional way to care for a silk duvet. You should air out your silk duvet  using this technique periodically, whenever it becomes heavy or starts to lose heat retention. To do so, place the duvet in the sun (with the cover on for protection) for an hour or two at the most. Because silk has the ability to absorb moisture, this process will dry it out, making it fluffy and lighter, and improving its insulating properties.

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