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Seventh Heaven

Pure Australian Wool Duvet

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  • 11 Reviews

    • 5
      Fantastic investment!!

      Posted by Timarie MacDonald on 2020 Apr 9th

      I've been looking for a good duvet for a few years. Something that I can use year round but I wouldn't take off halfway into the night because I'm too hot only to wake up cold a few hours later. I was sceptical at first but this is the best duvet I've ever owned!!! Hands down the best! I've had it for 6 mo. Now and I'm confident when I say its great for any temperature year round. Do yourself a favor and grab one of these! The price is well worth what you get.

    • 4
      Wool Duvet

      Posted by cheryl D. on 2020 Apr 6th

      I purchased this wool duvet insert because of waking several times a night with cold feet. Since using this duvet my feet are warm; no more waking up searching for a sock to warm my foot. And, my husband who’s a hot sleeper has been raving about how he isn’t waking hot in the night. Wool is the “ticket” for all seasons here in Ontario. Light but warm.

    • 3
      rustling noise

      Posted by Unknown on 2020 Mar 28th

      I have this and the noise is sooo bad I finally had to take it off and replace it with my old one. Might take to the drycleaners to see if that helps the noise. For the comfort it is really nice and cozy

    • 5
      I was pleasantly surprised with my purchase Of the Australian wool duvet and needed to get away from feathers due to allergies . It is so comfy and warm and so well made .

      Posted by Nancy on 2020 Feb 6th

      I recommend this product for others looking for hypoallergenic duvets .

    • 5
      Australian Wool Duvet

      Posted by Brenda Foster on 2019 Nov 10th

      I was concerned when I purchased this duvet as I have only ever tried down and found it too warm. I just used the duvet for the first time and my body temperature was regulated all night which allowed me to have a better sleep quality as I didn't wake up in the middle of the night sweating. I also purchased a thick, cotton duvet cover for this product thus the combined weight equates that of my typical quilt. I would recommend this duvet to everyone. Thank you to the sales lady for suggesting it and her knowledge of the product.

    • 5
      Australian Wool Duvet

      Posted by Barbara on 2019 Oct 9th

      For years I have used down duvets but because I now have very painfull shoulders from arthritis I find it almost impossible to shake them to redistribute the feathers that have sunk to the bottom and sides, which seems to happen on a nightly basis. When I saw the Australian wool duvet I thought this is for me. It is perfect in every way. The stitching goes right through, thus keeping the filling in place. In no time I am warm and cosy and it keeps me that way all night. I think this is going to be much easier to launder too as it will easily fit into the washing machine and won't clump up, ensuring that it is washed and rinsed evenly.

    • 4

      Posted by Tia on 2019 Sep 4th

      I’m so glad I decided to purchase this. After many nights of damp sleep, I decided to FINALLY make a must have purchase. Worth every penny and dollars. I like to refresh them in low heat setting for about 20 minutes. It’s definitely better to invest in a duvet cover as well, specifically Tencel, Beechwood (MicroModal) or Bamboo, that way you get maximum moisture wicking benefits! Highly recommend it!

    • 5
      Australian Wool Duvet

      Posted by Annette Roussel on 2018 Dec 13th

      I bought it because of it's quality. It's a sustainable resource that does not harm the sheep. And it's year round use is perfect. I like the weight and I have placed it on top of my mulberry silk duvet. I personally love the rustling sound. And the price point doesn't put it out of reach, and made it possible for me to buy the mulberry silk duvet as well. I don't need any blankets and the new pink sheets suffice. I love both duvets and the pink sheets. I am glad you offer twin XL in my favorite sheets. Our local store had everything I wanted in stock. Thanks!

    • 5
      Wool Duvet

      Posted by Unknown on 2018 Dec 13th

      Bought this duvet a month ago. It replaces silk and down. It fits my cover perfectly and doesn’t slide around! I love it,

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