Cooling Bedding & Accessories

Cool Touch Collection

Our Cool Touch blankets, pillowcases, and more are designed to wick away warmth and protect you from overheating in your sleep! Featuring technical nylon blend fabrics designed to lower your temperature, this cool collection is perfect for the warmest sleepers and hottest seasons.

TENCEL™ Luxury Sheeting

Our TENCEL™ sheets excel at regulating body temperature, as their hollow structure allows them to wick away excess moisture & enhances breathability — keeping you cool & dry no matter the climate.

Cotton Quilt Sets

Our quilt sets are the classic summer bedroom layer, made with breathable cotton for a consistently cozy cover. Featuring stylish designs and textures with a supremely soft feel, quilts are a dream choice that offer an even mix of coolness and style.

Silk Duvets

Our silk duvets provide excellent air circulation thanks to their thin, lightweight fibers, giving them a breezy feel that helps temper your body heat. These luxurious layers also require little maintenance or cleaning, making them a convenient choice for sleepers who run hot throughout the year.

Silk Filled Mattress & Pillow Protectors

These protective layers guard your pillows and mattresses against wear and tear, while also providing softness and cooling properties thanks to their naturally temperature-regulating silk fills.

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