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Meet the team that makes cozy come true.

Our team of in-house designers and experts live by these words. Every season, they create a whole new line of bedding featuring the latest palettes, textures, and fabrics. Here, we share the faces, stories, and philosophies behind our signature designs and styles.

The Designers

Ross Thompson

Director of Creative Development

"I see design as a reflection of the state of the world. I love telling stories through patterns drawing on the classics, as well as the present day."

From his early days as a designer in Montréal, Ross felt the call of the creative arts. To fuel his passion and find inspiration, he went on to travel and work around the world — designing for firms from Dubai to Shanghai. Today, Ross sees materials as his canvas and believes in using sustainable, fair-trade fabrics to bring his vision to life.

Ross’ designs blend traditional, cultural, and historical influences. As a talented artist, he handpaints many of the patterns for his signature duvet covers. One might say his linens are truly a work of art.

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Genevieve Tso

Senior Designer

"I love experimenting with colours, fabrics, and techniques. I find inspiration everywhere, from the natural world to the runway."

Genevieve was always fascinated by fashion. From years of hands on sewing, styling, and designing, she has an innate feel for textiles and trends. Genevieve started as a clothing designer, creating her own collection of handmade textiles. She went on to work in the San Francisco, Bay Area, directing creative development for an organic clothing line, Cielo Kids. Today, she applies her passion to producing dreamy bedding with a contemporary flair.

Genevieve’s designs are a mix of on-trend motifs, from ombrés and tie-dyes to naturescapes. She’s all about using the latest techniques, whether it be a new way of weaving or dyeing. One thing’s for sure, her linens are on the cutting edge of fashion.

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The Experts

Heike Mietzker

Lead Stylist

"Styling is all about the little details — no detail is too small! When a bed is tucked and folded and layered just so, there’s truly nothing more inviting."

From a young age, Heike gravitated toward the world of styling. She used to love rearranging her room in new and exciting ways. So it only felt natural for Heike to start working retail. Having spent many years travelling in Europe and beyond, she brought a keen sense of style and trends to the table that translated into beautiful, eye-catching displays.

For over twenty years, Heike honed her skills, working as a visual merchandiser for some of the biggest names in fashion and décor in North America. Now, she directs the look and feel of all our stores across Canada — from the mood-setting artwork to the perfectly layered beds.

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Christina Xu


"For me, bedding is at the perfect intersection of beauty, joy, and function. I believe in delivering well-designed, high-quality products at accessible prices — created ethically and sustainably."

Christina was born into the QE family. Her father, Jixin, opened the first QE Home store with his partner back in 1992. She remembers always having at least eight pillows on her bed as a child. Christina also recalls loving art, creating, and being hands-on from a young age. She pursued a degree in industrial design at a world-class institute, the Rhode Island School of Design (RISD), so she could keep creating and solving problems in a beautiful way.

Christina believes in building up local businesses and returned to the QE family to help do just that. With an MBA from UBC, a background in product design, and a lifelong love of linens, Christina is our guiding light and well-equipped to grow her family's legacy.

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