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Why are silk pillowcases good for your skin?

Silk fibers are smooth and tightly wound, keeping your skin’s natural oils and skincare products from being absorbed into the fabric. Its smoothness is also non-irritating for sensitive skin, making it a great choice for those who suffer from acne and skin inflammation.

Why are silk pillowcases good for your hair?

Silk fabrics are quite long and non-abrasive, letting your hair naturally glide across it as you sleep. This helps prevent breakage and frizz, as there’s far less resistance as you roll in your sleep.

What makes silk pillowcases so durable?

Silk filaments naturally bond to themselves and adhere together, giving it excellent tensile strength. This makes our mulberry silk pillowcases less likely to fray or tear - even after years of use.

How are silk pillowcases anti-aging?

The natural cellular albumen in silk fibers helps speed up cell turnover. This healthily reduces the signs of aging in your hair and skin, giving it a plump appearance and youthful glow.

Where can I learn more about silk pillowcases?

Visit our blog to read all about the benefits silk has to offer!

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