Frequently Asked Questions


    • Can I place my order by phone?

      Yes! Orders can be placed by phone at 1-866-421-5520. Please see our Contact Page for the hours our Sleep Stylists are available to reach by phone.

    • Do I need a promotional code for your sales/discounted products?

      Only if a promotion code is specified on the homepage! Otherwise all discounts are reflected in the price displayed, or will be automatically applied at checkout.

    • Can I use my gift card online?

      Absolutely! At checkout, select 'QE Home Gift Card' as your payment method and enter the 16 digit number on the back of the card.

      For security purposes, all gift cards purchased online remain inactive until the recipient calls us to request activation.To activate your card, please reach out to us by phone at 1-866-421-5520 or email and provide the phone number or email address used to place the order. Please see our Contact Page for the hours our Sleep Stylists are available by phone.

      Note that all gift cards purchased in store will already be activated!

    • How can I cancel or change my order?

      Please contact us immediately if you need to alter or cancel your order. We typically ship all orders one business day after they are placed, so get in touch with us as soon as you can!


    • How do I apply for First Nations People tax exemption?

      To receive the tax exemption, you will first need to complete your order online. After your order is completed, please email our Sleep Stylist at and attach a picture of the front and back of your First Nations status card. Once we confirm the validity of your status card, we will refund the difference to you!



    • How does the Winks program work?

      The QE Home '40 Winks' Club is a free loyalty program that allows members to earn points (Winks) with every purchase, which can later be redeemed as store credit. Every $1 spent earns you “80 Winks”. When you have earned ‘40,000 Winks’ (a total of $500 in purchases), you will receive a $10 Reward Certificate to use toward any one bedding purchase. The Reward Certificate can be redeemed in-store only. Click here for more information.


    • How do I add points from my online order to my Winks account?

      Provided you use the same email address for all your purchases, Winks will automatically be added to your account for all online and in-store purchases.



    • How Long Will It Take For My Order to Ship?

      The estimated time it will take to ship your order will vary depending on the location of the shipping address you’ve provided. Please visit our Shipping page for more detailed information.


    • Do you ship to outside Canada and the U.S.?

      Yes! International shipping fees are dependent on weight, package dimensions, and destination. For shipments to countries outside of Canada and the U.S., please email us with a list of items that you wish to order and the full address of the shipping destination, or call us toll free at 1-866-421-5520 (press ‘1’). For hours that our Sleep Stylists are available by phone, see our Contact Page.

      Please visit our Shipping page for more detailed information regarding international orders.

    • How do I track my package?

      Once your order ships, you will receive an email from us with your tracking number. This number allows you to receive updates based on its current location.

      For orders that will be picked up in-store, you will receive an email with the estimated date of arrival at that store (we do offer same-day pickup depending on product availability!). The store will contact you once they have received your order.

      If you have questions regarding your order, please email us at with your order confirmation number. We’ll get back to you within one business day.

    • How will I know when to collect my In-Store Pick Up Order?

      Same-day pickup is offered depending on product availability. Once your order is processed, you will receive an email specifying when you can pick up your order at your selected store. The store will then contact you once they have received your parcel. Please bring your photo ID and a copy of your order confirmation (electronic is fine!) with you when you retrieve your order.

    • I cannot go into the store to retrieve my in-store pick up order. Can I send someone else to get it for me?

      Of course! To arrange this, simply contact us so we can ensure a smooth pick-up process occurs and all parties are verified.



    • How do I care for my QE Home Bedding?

      For detailed instructions and handy tips, please visit our Laundering & Fabric Care page.

    • Do you have any wrinkle-free sheets?

      QE Home no longer carries wrinkle-free sheets, as these sheets commonly use harsh chemicals (such as formaldehyde) in the treatment of wrinkle-free sheets. These chemicals tend to deteriorate quickly over time, which causes the sheets to begin wrinkling again.

      We take pride in sourcing natural, sustainable, and eco-friendly materials for our luxurious Bamboo Cotton, Eucalyptus Luxe TENCEL™ Lyocell and BeechBliss TENCEL Modal™ products. Due to this, however, your sheets will naturally wrinkle. We recommend hanging your sheets to dry to prevent significant wrinkling, or taking your linens out 5 minutes before the cycle ends and letting them dry flat.

      Please browse our Laundering & Fabric Care page for proper washing and drying instructions to get the most out of your Luxury Sheets!

    • I just bought a set of Luxury Sheets. How should I wash them?

      You can find detailed instructions and helpful tips on how to wash and freshen your sheets over on our Laundering & Fabric Care page!

    • What are Thread Counts?

      The standard method for calculating thread count is the number of vertical threads (warp) and horizontal threads (weft) in a single square inch of fabric. The importance of thread count depends on the type of bed linen in question, and your own personal sleeping preferences. The general idea is that higher thread counts = softer sheets, and the more likely it will wear well — and even soften — over time.

      However, this is not always the case. The quality of the threads tend to matter more than the count, and ideal thread counts usually sit between 300 and 600. Many companies use, shall we say, creative ways of bolstering their thread counts in order to appeal to consumers — despite there being no marked increase in quality. Only a finite number of threads can be woven into a square inch, so take exuberant thread counts with a grain of salt. Too many threads can make products too warm, too heavy, and less breathable.

    • How deep are your fitted sheets?

      We proudly carry a range of fitted sheet sizes that accommodate both standard and deep mattresses. Our luxury sheet lines can accommodate up to 18” mattress depth, while our regular lines (including our organic cotton sheets) accommodate up to a 15” depth. All our Aruba brand sheeting options (i.e. our Bamboo Cotton, Eucalyptus Luxe TENCEL™ Lyocell and BeechBliss TENCEL Modal™ products) feature our innovative Stay Snug™ fitted sheet technology for a smoother, more flexible sheet that cinches tightly into place.

      You can find detailed information on our sheeting measurements by reading our blog post on How to Find Your Perfect Sheet Size.

    • Do your duvet covers have corner ties?

      Yes! Our duvet covers have inner twill ties for securing the duvet in place to the anchor loops featured on all our duvets. There are 8 ties on our Double, Queen, King, and Super King sizes, and our twin sizes come with 4 ties.

    • How do I care for my duvet?

      Please visit our Duvet FAQ for comprehensive care instructions for Down, Down Alternative, Silk, and Wool Duvets.

    • What is the difference between Quilts and Coverlets?

      Our quilt sets are typically made of a more breathable fabric, such as cotton or a cotton blend, and have a slightly thicker filling. They often feature detailed embellishments.

      Our coverlet sets have a thinner filling and are made of microfiber or recycled polyester, which is less breathable. We recommend using coverlets as a cost-effective way to embellish your home.

      Both quilts and coverlets are ideal as a lightweight layer for those who tend to run too warm at night or during warmer seasons. They’re also great for cabins, cottages, and campsites.

    • My memory foam pillow has a smell. How do I get rid of the smell?

      Pillows may initially impart a slight odour due to their protective plastic packaging. To freshen the pillow, remove it from the plastic and let the pillow air out — the scent should dissipate fairly quickly.


    • I like your products; where can I leave a review?

      Thank you so much! You can leave a review directly on our site by viewing the online product page for any item you have purchased, clicking on “Write a Review”, and filling out the form. We value all feedback, and know our customers find it incredibly useful to read your experiences, too!

    • I had an amazing experience at one of your store locations. Where can I leave a compliment?

      Wonderful! We aim to ensure that every customer walks out of our stores happy, and we always welcome feedback. This helps us let our staff know that their hard work is appreciated and improves our in-store experience for future customers.

      To leave an online review, please search “QE Home” + “(your store location)” and leave a review on your store’s local Google page. You can also email our Sleep Stylists and let them know!

    • I want to work for your company. Where can I submit my resumé?

      Thank you for your interest! Feel free to send your resumé to with “Join the Team” in the subject line. Please specify the location(s) that you are interested in working at in your email.

      For up-to-date information regarding our current open positions, visit our Careers page.

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