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Catch '40 Winks' Every Time You Shop
Join our Club to catch '40 Winks' (or more!) on all your fashion bedding Purchases

'40 Winks' Terms & Conditions

  • What's New?
    The 40 Winks Club is no longer an in-store only program – Winks Club Members may now earn points on BOTH in-store and online purchases! However, Winks may still only be redeemed for rewards in-store at this time. Plus, by signing up for the mailing list you will be automatically entered into the 40 Winks Club to start earning points on your purchases.
  • How do I join the Club?
    You may join the Club by signing up at any of our retail stores, or by opting in to our email newsletter online. All that you will need to provide is your first/last name, email address, phone number and zip/postal code. All your information will be kept completely confidential and will not be shared with any third parties. In the near future you will be able to join through our website.
  • Do I need to make a purchase to join?
    No. Anyone may join at any time, with or without purchase, and gain access to exclusive club benefits such as advance and ongoing notice of sales and promotions. However, full club benefits including special gift offers and reward certificates are accessible only through the accumulation of Winks on purchase.
  • What are the Club benefits?
    Club members will be eligible to earn Winks, which will entitle them to special gift offers, reward certificates for dollar discounts, contests, private sales, and other exclusive perks and promotions. Club members will also receive advance and ongoing notice of sales and promotions. Reward certificates may be applied to store purchase only; they are currently not redeemable online.
  • How do I accumulate ‘Winks'?

    Winks are earned with every purchase. For every $1 that you spend, you will earn 80 Winks (or 2% of your total purchase). For every 40,000 Winks you accumulate (a total of $500 in purchases), you will receive a $10 Reward Certificate to use toward any one bedding purchase. We reserve the right to modify this schedule at any time without prior notification to Club members.


    Winks may be earned on both in-store and online purchases. To ensure that you accumulate Winks into the same account, it is important that you use the same email address for online purchases as for in-store purchases. Bonuses, vouchers, and any other rewards associated with the Program may only be redeemed in-store. Winks may not currently be redeemed online. Winks cannot be applied to the purchase(s) of a gift card.

  • Do 'Winks' ever expire?
    Yes. Winks that are unredeemed against time limited offers such as free gifts or rewards certificates for dollar discounts, will expire 24 months after they are earned. They will then be deducted from your balance.
  • What is my account number?
    Your account is identified by your phone number or email address. Any time you make a purchase in-store or online, or need to make a change to your account, simply provide us with your phone number and/or email address. To ensure that you accumulate Winks into the same account, be sure to use the same email address for your online purchases as for your store purchases.
  • How many 'Winks' do I have?
    Each time you visit the store and make a purchase, the number of Winks you’ve accumulated will be shown on your sales receipt. You may also ask a sales associate to look up your accumulated Winks by providing your phone number or email address. To inquire online, please email ask@qehomelinens.com.
  • How do I find out what perks I am eligible for?
    You may visit any store and have an associate look up your account to find out what you have earned for your accumulated Winks, or email ask@qehomelinens.com.
  • What happens to my 'Winks' if I return my purchase?
    When you return an item for which Winks were awarded, the Winks you earned for that purchase will be deducted from your account.
  • How do I cancel my Rewards account?
    Not that we want to make it easy, but it is! Simply contact your local store or email ask@qehomelinens.com and provide your email address and phone number and we will take care of the rest.
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