Extra Ways To Earn in Earth Month

Keep an eye out for in-store events happening throughout April, where you’ll have the opportunity to return bedding from any brand.

Event Schedule:

Westshore Town Centre (BC) | May 1-14

Cherry Lane Shopping Centre (BC) | Date TBC

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Be a part of the circular economy.

Recycle old bedding and save it from landfill! Send your unwanted linens to receive $$$ and do your part for the planet.

Send In. Recycle.
Get Credit.

Send us your used items in any condition. We’ll recycle your items. You’ll earn $$$ - it’s that simple.

How It Works

1. Gather your used items

How do the products get recycled?

2. Send back for free

How long do I have to ship my goods?

3. Earn instant credits.

How do I get my credits?

Return, Recycle, Rethink

Rude awakening

With less than 1% of textiles recycled globally, we need to wake up to the consequences of letting these home goods pile up in landfills forever, and find ways to keep these materials from going to waste.

Let’s band together to make textile pollution anything but inevitable.

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Give back, get back

By breaking old bedding down into fibers and repurposing them into new fabrics, we’ll keep the dream alive for longer, and do a whole lot more with less.

All you need to do is send them in, and we’ll handle the rest. Plus, you’ll get $$ back that you can put towards your next cozy purchase*.

*Coupon limit has been increased to $100 per transaction. Please note that this promotion is exclusive to purchases made on qehomelinens.com and is valid in Canada only.


  • Great question! It all starts with you initiating the recycling process through this online portal.
  • You will identify your items you want to recycle, download and print your shipping label, and get your items shipped out within 30 days.
  • Your items are shipped back to our warehouse – and you’ll get updates along the way as your items make their way back to us!
  • At our warehouse they are sorted by material and other key recycling factors.
  • Once enough material of a certain kind has been collected (think 500 cotton t-shirts), our recycling partners will ensure that the material that can be upcycled will make its way into new items & textiles, and the rest will be downcycled into other mixed-use items.
  • We guarantee that all items are being diverted from landfill and are finding a new life!!
  • Our goal is for you to be able to follow the entire lifecycle of your specific product through the recycling process. Hold tight as we figure out all the logistics of all that ;)
  • Once you have initiated the recycling process and downloaded your shipping label, you have 30 days to ship your goods.
  • If goods are not shipped within 30 days, you may have to reinitiate the recycling process and download a new label.
  • Once you initiate the recycling process, you will receive a prepaid shipping label in your SuperCircle account and via email.
  • Drop off your shipment with your prepaid shipping label.
  • Once your shipment has been dropped off, you will receive your recycling credit in your SuperCircle account.
  • You'll receive credits for each item you recycle.
  • Please be aware a maximum $25 credits can be applied per purchase.

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