8 Features and Benefits of Silk

8 Features and Benefits of Silk

2021 May 12th

As one of the most well-known, time-honoured textiles, silk has garnered an esteemed reputation for its lustrous look, luxurious feel, and laudable benefits (after all, the phrase “smooth as silk” didn’t come from nowhere!). 

From its origins in Ancient China — where it quickly gained status as one of the most highly desired exports — to its contemporary standing as an opulent, enchanting fabric, silk goods have continued to dazzle the world round to this day.

To understand exactly what makes this exceptional textile stand out, let’s explore 8 amazing benefits silk has to offer!

What Are the Benefits of Silk?

  1. Soft & Luxurious

    Silk’s reputation as a prestigious fabric arose from its super soft hand-feel and sophisticated look. These qualities explain why silk has been synonymous with luxury for centuries over (in fact, Ancient China once restricted the use of silk to royals only!) With its smooth, lustrous texture and fine, wrinkle-free appearance, silk has remained a top choice for pillowcases, duvetssheetsaccessories, and much more.

    If you’re interested in sleeping like royalty, check out our amazing selection of silk duvets. Our Fortuna Mulberry Silk Duvet, with its luxurious silk shell and 100% Mulberry silk fill, makes for a truly sumptuous slumber. If you’re looking for something at a lower price point, our Pearl Mulberry Silk Duvet is another fabulous option.

  2. Naturally Sourced

    Another reason silk stands out is due to its natural origins. Silk is a 100% natural fiber obtained from the cocoons of silkworms. To harvest silk, the filaments are softened and unwound before being woven together to create silk threads. The lustrous quality of silk fabric is also naturally derived, as a protein called ‘fibroin’ gives the textile its luminous sheen in the presence of light. Pro tip: synthetic “silk” can usually be distinguished from its natural counterpart by comparing the lustre of a given material — the man-made variety fails to impart the same glossiness as the real deal!

    As far as the different varieties of silk go, mulberry silk is superior to all others, and is considered the finest available — that’s why we use it in all of our silk products!

  3. Thermoregulating

    Another great feature of silk is that it’s naturally temperature regulating, meaning it's perfect for keeping you both cool in the summer and comfortable during winter. Because it's made from thin, lightweight natural fibers, silk allows for better air circulation than synthetic material, and is ideal for tempering body heat. This quality makes silk exceptionally breathable (even superior to cotton!) with good moisture-wicking capabilities.

    When it comes to silk bedding, the thermoregulating nature of this fabric guarantees there’s no need to switch over to an airier, breezier summer duvet when the weather warms up — as silk duvets stay breathable no matter the season. They’re a superb choice for year-round comfort and an all around better sleep, providing exceptional warmth while simultaneously preventing you from overheating.

  4. Strong & Durable

    Though it’s fine appearance gives the illusion of delicateness, silk is actually one of the strongest natural fibers available. In fact, one filament of silk is stronger than a comparable filament of steel! Because these filaments bond to themselves and adhere together, silk has great tensile strength and is extremely durable, so it’s less likely to fray or pull apart — even after years of use.

    What’s more, silk is naturally resistant to dirt and odours. It has the ability to withstand most accidental damage, which helps prolong its life even further!

  5. Hypoallergenic

    Silk is a fabulous option for those with allergies and sensitivities, as it’s one of the most hypoallergenic fabrics available. Stemming from its natural origins as a protective layer, silk repels dust mites and resists bacteria and mold. Silk fibers are also long and non-abrasive — meaning there’s no risk of skin irritation or dermatitis occuring when the fabric does brush up against you.

  6. Moisturizing & Non-Inflammatory

    Compared to other textiles like cotton, silk absorbs less moisture from your skin while you sleep. This is because silk fibers are smooth and tightly wound, so your skin’s natural oils and any moisturizers you may have applied  will stay put overnight. Furthermore, silk is also a great choice for those who suffer from acne and skin inflammation, as the fabric locks in hydration all while being naturally antibacterial, cooling, and comforting on the skin.

    When it comes to keeping your face soothed, our Silk Eye Masks are a surefire way to keep your pores happy — even when worn for long periods of time!

  7. Anti-Aging

    Because it helps your skin retain its natural moisturizing factors, silk is also thought to have anti-aging properties. The smooth texture of silk causes less friction on the skin’s surface and won’t leave any impressions behind, keeping premature aging and creasing at bay. The natural cellular albumen in silk fibers also helps speed up cell turnover, which reduces the signs of aging and gives your skin a plump appearance and youthful glow.

  8. Healthy Hair

    Beyond its skin-friendly qualities, silk is also an excellent choice when it comes to hair care and maintenance. In addition to ensuring your locks stay moisturized and nourished during the night, the smooth surface of a mulberry silk pillowcase helps prevent breakage and frizz, as your tresses encounter less resistance when you move  during your sleep. Mulberry silk scrunchies are another great option for optimal hair health, as they don’t tug on your hair and won’t leave ridges behind.

Excited About Silk?

These 8 heavenly benefits help explain why silk has stood the test of time and garnered a reputation for being a fabulously lustrous and luxurious fabric. And the best part is: you can bring all these amazing benefits into the bedroom with you, too!

Check out all the great silk products we offer, and get ready to laze around in pure luxury!

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