How To Make A Sheet Ghost Costume (& 4 Other DIY Costumes)

How To Make A Sheet Ghost Costume (& 4 Other DIY Costumes)

2021 Oct 25th

If you’re in need of a quick & easy last-minute Halloween costume, it doesn’t get more classic than an easy DIY sheet ghost.

Spooky season can sneak up fast, and not everyone has the time to make their own intricate homemade Halloween costume. DIY costumes are more popular than ever, and nearly anyone can make great costumes for kids and adults with materials found right in your bedroom.

The most classic of these is undoubtedly the bed sheet ghost costume. This Halloween staple is perfect for kids, adults, and all your last-minute costume needs, but if you’re especially inexperienced with scissors and fabric it can be a little daunting to cut up your old white sheet.

As experts in everything bedding, and lovers of Halloween, we’re here to show you how to make a perfect DIY ghost costume to make yourself the (after)life of the party! We’ve even got a few extra DIY costume ideas if you feel like going a little more out-of-the-box!

How To Make Sheet Ghosts

What You’ll Need

  • Old White Sheet
  • Pen, Pencil, or Marker
  • Scissors
  • Old Toque or Beanie
  • Glue

Making a sheet ghost is also way easier if you have a friend to help, since they can help you make marks on the sheet while you’re wearing it.

Step 1: Find The Right Sheet

To be a proper sheet ghost, you should first make sure your old sheet is exactly the size you need, and drapes over you properly. This is why you should ideally go with a simple old white Flat Sheet, as the loose flat fabric will drape over you better than other types of bedding.

Otherwise, make sure your sheet isn’t too transparent, since you don’t want people seeing your clothes underneath your ghostly sheet. This will also give you the freedom to bundle up underneath if you plan on exploring pumpkin patches trick-or-treating in your spirit form!

Step 2: Check Your Height

Place the center of your sheet over the top of your head, as if you’re folding it in half while you’re inside it, and stick your arms out to your sides to help it drape flat. Queen size sheets should fit most adults, but if you’re on the tall side, you might want to look into a King.

From there, simply cut the bottom however high you’d like! Many ghosts love to leave just their shins and feet out, but you’re also welcome to leave a little extra leg room. For more leggy ghosts, it helps to wear slim black pants and shoes to keep your lower half more subtle.

Step 3: Find Your Face

While the sheet is still draped over your head, have your friend mark small light dots over your eyes to mark where your face will be. If you want some extra help remembering where your head should go, make a small dot on top of your head too - it might help you in later steps too!

Once you’re done, take the sheet off and grab your scissors. For your eyes, cut even ovals over your marks, making them large enough to see safely and easily. If you find you’re having trouble breathing under the sheet, feel free to add a narrow oval for your mouth as well.

Step 4: Attach Your Toque

If you find that your sheet keeps falling off your head, this optional step can ensure your sheet stays in place your whole Halloween night. This is where the old toque or beanie comes in, as you’ll be gluing the inside of the sheet directly on top so that it’s attached to some comfortable headwear.

If you made a dot above your head in Step 3, put some glue over the tip of the toque and press the mark to it! Otherwise, you can also just have a friend put some glue on the tip of your toque while you’re wearing it, then drape the sheet over your head to line up with your face. If you’re using a hot glue gun, make sure you’re extra careful and get someone to help if you need!

Step 5: Decorate!

You don’t technically need to do anything else, but some extra embellishments can help your ghost be a little more memorable! If you feel like leaning on the silly side, try a toque or sunglasses over your sheet to add a little flair & lose a little fear.

If you don’t mind a little extra cutting or tearing, you can also use your scissors to cut decorative holes and make stylish tears in the bottom. This will help you look a little more frightening than cute, and can help make people forget you're wearing a sheet!

More Great DIY Costume Ideas

If sheet ghosts aren’t your favorite spooky season style, or you’d prefer a costume that’s more silly than scary, there’s still plenty of other DIY Halloween costumes you can make with only a few simple materials. With a quick trip to your closet, or your closest QE Home store, it’s plenty easy to find exactly what you need for an unforgettable homemade Halloween costume.

The Softest Mummy

Much like sheet ghosts, the toilet paper mummy is an absolute classic DIY Halloween costume, but it’s also one of the most wasteful costumes you can go for. If you feel like wrapping yourself up this Halloween, you can get much better results with a little fabric instead.

Simply take another old white flat sheet, and cut it into long strips that are only 3-4 inches wide, which should be plenty to wrap around your body and even be warmer to wrap yourself with. With some white clothes underneath, you can also save on wrapping yourself up too tight!

Monster In Disguise

If you have some clothes that are on their way out, you can always tear them up in the name of Halloween! It’s easy to look like you just came back from a night as a monster, and with some cleverly-done tears you can have a costume that’s comfortable and easy to pose with.

Simply cut and tear your clothes all around your torso to make it look like you’ve been thrashing about, either with scissors or your hands for a natural tear. If you’re good with makeup and accessories, you can even bring some wolf or cat ears & face paint to show a bit more of the monster!

Bedtime Superhero

Let’s be real, when else are you going to wear your coziest matching pyjamas? Whether your dream sleep outfit is a nice pair of clean PJs or a fluffy pair of footie pyjamas, you can quickly make yourself or your child look like they’re fresh from playing pretend.

Throw on your dream PJ outfit, and tie two corners of a fuzzy throw blanket make yourself the hero every child thinks they are. Not only is it remarkably simple, but it’s probably going to be the comfiest DIY costume you could make!

Spa Day

There’s nothing wrong with looking a little luxurious on Halloween, and that’s exactly what you can do with a little cozy bathroom spa gear. With some bathroom accessories like a nice robe, and some comfy slippers, you can look like you’re fresh from a self-care day.

For some extra flair, feel free to throw up a little hair towel, or paint on a fake skin-care mask to show your comfort. Just make sure you don’t use a real mask if you’re going to be out long, since having real products on all night could (ironically) really damage your skin.

If you'd like to try these DIYs yourself, we'd love to see your creations. Tag #myQEstyle on Instagram to show off your costume, and have a happy & crafty Halloween!

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