What Your Summer 2021 Pattern Says About You

What Your Summer 2021 Pattern Says About You

2021 Jul 15th

There’s never a bad time to play with pattern or colour — especially during the summer!

Like swapping out your winter wear for easier, breezier layers, the warmer months present the perfect opportunity to change things up and get creative with your home decor. And when it comes to your most intimate home area, bringing new energy into your room is as simple as switching out your bedding! It helps set the tone for the season ahead and gives you a chance to express yourself in a fresh and exciting way.

But what does your summer pattern choice say about you? As it turns out, your preferred print speaks volumes about your personality. That’s why we’ve decoded some of the most popular summer styles for your reading — and self-exploration — pleasure!

Delicate Florals 

If your go-to summer pattern involves delicate florals, it’s probably no surprise that you’re in touch with your feminine side! Flowers have long been known as a symbol of beauty and affection, and likewise, you love to accentuate your own beauty while taking in that of the world around you. You’re a romantic at heart who appreciates when others take the time to show they care, and you’re willing to do the same.

Bold Buds

Those who prefer their summer florals bold and bright are highly creative individuals. They take pride in their artistic pursuits, and they’re not afraid to make a statement — after all, their bedding does just that! If you’re all about eye-catching florals come summertime, taking full advantage of the season ahead is pretty much a no-brainer for you, because with your inventive and imaginative thinking there’s never a dull moment.


If summer prompts you to break out the tropical prints and island-inspired patterns, not only does this show that you’re ready to go on vacation, like, ASAP — it also demonstrates you’re willing to make the most out of any situation you find yourself in (because creating your own staycation takes effort, after all!). You’re willing to do what's necessary to make your time at home as bright, sunny, and relaxing as those tropical beaches you wish you were on.


Though ombré has been trendy for quite a while, those who choose to outfit their bed in gradated hues tend to be open-minded individuals who can see and appreciate all sides of a situation — just like how their chosen summer pattern reflects both the light and dark tones of a colour or shade. If you’re Team Ombré, you’re a natural-born mediator who takes pride in being in-tune with those around you, and for that reason you’re great at smoothing out any potential upsets.

Geometric Prints

Jonesing for something geometric? Those who gravitate towards attention-grabbing shapes and clean lines know the importance of striking that perfect balance between the scientific and the artistic, and likewise they strive for and appreciate balance in all their endeavours. This can be seen in their intermediary approach when it comes to patterns: uncomplicated vs. elaborate, eye-catching vs. understated, and cutting-edge versus classic…. geometric designs do it all!

Colour Blocking

Fans of colour-blocked bedding are the life of the party; they like to have fun and try out new things whenever they get the chance! Similar to how ‘colour blocking’ involves the combination of contrasting colours to create a striking effect, those who choose to adorn their bed in bold and unconventional pairings are all too happy to leave their comfort zone behind — even if it scares them!


If you’re into ornate designs come summertime, you’re all about appreciating the finer things in life. This doesn’t mean that you’re a snob, or that you only care about lavish looks and luxury goods. it just means that you’re willing to treat yourself to something special when you can. Like your bedding, you value things that have added flourish and demonstrate a close attention to detail, because for you that represents going the extra mile. 


While ‘abstract’ can mean many different things, there’s one defining feature shared by all who love the style: they’re not afraid to push the boundaries! Abstract art is all about challenging conventions and blurring the lines of reality and interpretation, so those opting for abstract summer patterns are similarly comfortable with shaking things up. That being said, this characteristic doesn’t apply to every area of their lives; abstract print-lovers prefer to challenge convention only when it suits them and their interests.  

So, what did you think? Do your summer pattern preferences and personality traits stack up? If you’re feeling inspired to try out a new look this season, you can always browse our bedding collections or book a free consultation with one of our sleep specialists to get personalized advice that fits you and your needs!

Happy Summer! 

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