QE Home Staff Top 30 Picks for 30 Years!

QE Home Staff Top 30 Picks for 30 Years!

2022 Sep 20th

Since 1992, QE Home has been dedicated to bringing Canadians beautiful, quality and accessible bedding. We’re grateful to be going strong 30 years later, using each and every day to listen and learn about what we can do even better!

30 years is a special milestone for anyone, but especially for our QE Home family! In celebration of this exciting occasion, we asked our staff from across all 77 stores to share their favourite products from over the years.

From dozens of submissions, we’ve picked 15 best-sellers from the past, alongside 15 of our current styles! See if you can spot any of your own favourites on this walk down memory lane!

Floral & Fabulous

30. Sundance

29. Garland

“I’m in love with the floral pattern and the beautiful colour combination of purple and subtle yellows. Whenever I see my beautiful bedding it gives me peace and joy.”

Sherri, Store Manager, Westshore Town Centre, BC

28. Greta

27. Sejour

“I bought Sejour years ago, still my favourite. It’s so cheerful and summer bright!”

Linda, Sleep Stylist, Medicine Hat Mall, AB

26. Harmony

“I love Harmony - its large scale floral print is amazing, bold, and looks very modern. I love to pair it with either white or solid pink silk pillowcases. It’s a great statement idea for any modern bedroom.”

Maryam, Store Manager, Hillcrest Mall, ON

25. Bergen

“Bergen is my favourite fall duvet cover!”

Shiva, Sleep Stylist, Southland Shopping Centre, SK

24. Solstice

“I still get a tear in my eye thinking about Solstice, my all time favourite that I regrettably did not purchase.”

Sheila, Assistant Manager, Park Place Mall, AB

23. Aubrey

“Aubrey is still one of my favourite designs, it’s so classy and goes with so much!”

Michelle, Store Manager, Prairie Mall, AB

Neat & Neutral

22. Stonehaven

21. Providence

20. Palma

19. Vintage Washed European Linen Duvet Covers

“August for me was about the beautiful simplicity of our Linen Duvet Cover.”

Jennifer, Assistant Manager, Intercity Shopping Centre, ON

18. Charity

17. Bayshore 

“In love with the simplicity of Bayshore!”

Jagni, Sleep Stylist, Conestoga Mall, ON

16. Sydney

“I love how easy it is to match with different colours! I’m using it with blushes currently, but it will go perfectly with red for Christmas!”

Penny, Assistant Manager, Avalon Mall, NL

15. Cascade

Prints & Patterns

14. Winston

13. Supernova

“Supernova is one of my favourites of all time. Just looking at it changes my mood and makes me happy!”

Parvin, Sleep Stylist, Hillcrest Mall, ON

12. Mystic

“It’s one of the first I purchased when starting with QE Home, so it reminds me of fresh starts! It looks like an amethyst and fits my bedroom beautifully. I also love the material, it’s a bamboo cotton blend, so it’s very breathable!”

Lani, Sleep Stylist, Cottonwood Mall, BC

11. Fresco

10. Maeve

“Maeve is my favourite duvet cover - so retro!”

Liz, Sleep Stylist, Champlain Place, NB

9. Mantra

Bold & Botanical

8. San Luca

“San Luca is one of my favourites - a beautiful set for fall season.”

Eva, Store Manager, Vaughan Mills, ON

7. Whippletree

“One of my favourites for my daughter’s room - the warm tones of the very artistic Whippletree, especially with everyone’s favourite plum TENCEL™ sheets.”

Saira, Sleep Stylist, Conestoga Mall, ON

6. Tavola

“Tavola has been a favourite of mine since I started working at QE, it sparks joy for me.”

Carolyn, Sleep Stylist, Hillside Centre, BC

5. Impromptu

4. Braemar

“I (along with so many customers) love Braemar because of its warm fall tones. The red and gold are stunning and remind me of walking through the forest on a fall day, enjoying the change of season!”

Joanne, Sleep Stylist, Woodgrove Mall, BC

3. Avonlea

“Avonlea was the first duvet cover I purchased after getting hired. I have probably purchased 15+ duvet covers by now, but this one keeps making its way back into the rotation!”

Leslie, Store Manager, Conestoga Mall & Fairview Mall, ON

2. Birchgrove

“Re-decorating my bedroom and this is going to be my bed - love Birchgrove!”

Melissa, Sleep Stylist, Lime Ridge Mall, ON

1. Cypress

Thanks for joining us in the nostalgia! We’re thrilled to be celebrating our 30 year anniversary, and look forward to seeing you here with us for years to come! Better yet, find a store near you and pay us a visit; we love seeing your faces!

You can learn more about our journey here, or stay tuned on Instagram and Facebook to follow our journey in real time!

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