5 Budget Hacks for Students

5 Budget Hacks for Students

2021 Aug 19th

Being a student is expensive enough. These tips and products are here to help keep your school and sleep budget clean!

Whether you’re just starting your post-secondary experience or have been living the student life for years, your budget is sure to be a major point of stress. It’s easy to lose sleep over how much you’re spending, especially if you start cutting corners with the space you need to rest.

Thankfully, there are all kinds of ways that students can improve their sleep, as well as be prepared for the costly needs of your education. If you need a few new ways to help stick to a budget, these budget hacks to avoid breaking the bank should definitely help you sleep at night.

  1. Keep Your Eye on the Clock
    Time is money! One of the absolute best ways to keep your spending down is to avoid wasting time, since running late is an easy way to justify small purchases. If you sleep in after a long night of studying or doing laundry, you might make the quick and poor decision to buy breakfast on your commute, or you might forget your school supplies and need to buy some before class.

    These little purchases can add up fast. To avoid too much emergency spending, it’s worth trying to schedule everything you can, from your study time to your free time. If getting your clothes clean is keeping you from getting places on-time, the wool dryer balls in our  Linen Love Wool Dryer Ball Set and Laundry Blend can speed up your drying time, while also reducing static and keeping your linens wrinkle-free.

  2. Protect Your Possessions
    If you ever have to spend big, you should never need to pay for it again. This is as true for your mattress as it is for your computer, since these bigger purchases are usually for things that you spend huge amounts of time with. To avoid replacing the pricier things you need, never be afraid to spend a little extra with these purchases to protect them from wear and tear.

    When it comes to sleep, the biggest investment you need to protect is your mattress. You spend more than enough time on them, so it only makes sense for them to weaken over time. With accessories like our mattress and pillow protectors, you can maintain the quality and softness of your bed and pillows while also enjoying a more cushioned sleep.

  3. Use Your Supplies to the Fullest
    Not everything can last forever, so try not to waste a single cent! As important as it is to protect your large investments, you should be taking just as much caution when it comes to your smaller purchases. Pens, notebooks, and snacks can be easy to lose, and if you aren’t organized or keeping track of your school supplies, you’ll have to replace them quite frequently.

    The best way to make sure you save money on these small purchases is to always make sure you’re using them to the very end, and to make sure they don’t go missing. Having convenient and reliable places to hold your belongings, like our  Bedside Felt Pocket, will ensure you know exactly where your most easy-to-lose tools are.

    You can even watch our Bedside Felt Pocket video to see how it works, and how it can keep your possessions safe and secure by your bedside.

  4. Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle
    You might assume that recycled products are more expensive or lower quality, but that’s definitely not the case when it comes to school supplies and bedding. In reality, recycled products can often be far cheaper and just as high-quality as any new product, all while diverting waste from landfills.

    This is especially true when it comes to sleep sets made with older fabrics and materials, such as QE Home’s 100% Recycled Polyester Comforters. The recycled materials that make up these sorts of products are given just as much care as any newer alternative, and their post-consumer construction will leave a much smaller impact on both the planet and your wallet. We also offer 100% Recycled Polyester sheet sets and duvet cover sets made with the same materials!

  5. Open Your Door for Deals
    You’d be surprised how many great offers and promotions are here to help you spend less, and the best way to find these deals is by inviting them in yourself. You should still be cautious when browsing your spam mail, but if you have any stores or sites you trust, it’s worth marking them as a safe sender so that you can keep an eye out for products you’d rather buy on sale.

    This process is different for each email. Usually you can either add safe senders to a list in the options menu of your email account, or mark specific emails in your Promotions section to show up in your main inbox. If you want to try this with QE Home, and want to know more about our regular deals and new offerings, you can click here to subscribe to our newsletter.

If you need a little extra help finding quality bedding that fits your budget, you can book a free virtual consultation to learn more about our offers and products, and make sure you can get the rest you deserve after a long day at school.

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