5 Botanical Bedroom Ideas & Decor Tips Inspired by Nature

5 Botanical Bedroom Ideas & Decor Tips Inspired by Nature

2024 May 9th

Do lush landscapes, fabulous florals, and gorgeous gardens rejuvenate you? Then your well-being could be enhanced by bringing these elements into your bedroom!

We’ve compiled 5 botanical bedroom ideas and to help you transform your sleeping space into a haven of relaxation. Whether you're a nature enthusiast or just someone who appreciates the calming influence of the outdoors, keep reading for tranquil, plant-inspired design tips.

5 Botanical Bedroom Ideas & Decor Tips

1. Choose a Bloomin’ Bold Duvet Cover

Go bold and embrace this trend by swapping out your existing linens for a duvet cover that features daring hues and dazzling botanical motifs.

Your bedspread is the focal point of your room, after all — so don’t be afraid to make a statement with flower power-forward designs. An eye-catching piece like our Sulani Duvet Cover will effortlessly inspire a modern botanical bedroom.

Our Botanical Duvet Cover Sulani

The Catarina Duvet Cover is another daring print bound to bring exuberance with its hand-painted lemon branches, leaves, and white blossoms that reverse to bold botanical silhouettes.

Our Botanical Duvet Cover Catarina shown on a bed from a top down angle.

If you’re into bold, warm florals but fancy a calming print on the reverse, the Freya Duvet Cover’s eccentric print and pared-down peach underside might be up your alley.

Our Botanical Duvet Cover Freya shown paired with its coordinating Square Cushion Cover.

Best part? All of the above are printed on sustainably soft and breathable Bamboo Cotton for a truly refreshing, plant-based slumber.

2…Or Opt For a Soft & Subtle Floral Look

More mellow-minded by nature? You can always refresh your room with a neutral duvet cover featuring soft watercolour botanicals instead.

Our Medlow Duvet Cover, for example, is a subtly wild wonder that features delicate watercolour fronds of eucalyptus printed on a textural retreat made of unbleached cotton and linen.

Our Botanical Duvet Cover Medlow.

For a tropical twist, look no further than the Bonita Duvet Cover. This lightly textured collection features hand-painted palm frond resting over a crisp white surface.

Our Botanical Duvet Cover Bonita.

3. Bring Out Botanical Shades With Your Sheeting Choices

When selecting sheets, you can infuse your bedroom with natural charm by opting for hues inspired by the lush beauty of flora. For example, a bold floral hue like our BeechBliss TENCEL™ Modal Sheet Set in Azalea immediately brings a vibrant botanical palette to mind.

Our Botanical Duvet Cover Mambo shown at a side angle paired with our pink BeechBliss Sheet Set in Azalea.

After a more subdued verdant vibe? Look no further than Eucalyptus Luxe Sheet Set in Mistywoods.

Our Botanical Duvet Cover Bloomfield shown with our sage green Eucalyptus Luxe Sheet Set in Mistywoods.

No matter how striking or subtle your shade selection is, you can bring plant wisdom into your room by opting for sheeting made from natural fibers and regenerative production processes like TENCEL™. Learn more about how we design with sustainability in mind here.

4. Complement with Botanical Bed Accessories

Adding on-theme cushions, euro or pillow shams is a great way to bring on the botany whether you change your linens or not. These types of bed accessories add depth and dynamism while upping the comfort, functionality, and back support offered by your sleeping space.

For example, the Bloomfield Boudoir Pillow Cover makes for a soft floral anchor that draws your eye in. You could also swap some of your existing pillow covers out for any plant-inspired pillow sham designs that speak to you.

Our Botanical Duvet Cover Bloomfield shown with its coordinating lilac Boudoir Pillow Cover.

In the realm of structured cushions that work for beds, couches, or chairs alike, the Catarina Square Cushion Cover’s charming botanical stitched design or the Freya Square Cushion Cover brings those bold botanicals into play again.

5. Add Real Plant Life to Your Room

Our last tip might be obvious — bring some plant life into your bedroom! From aesthetic value to health benefits, you can’t go wrong by adding the following flora to your rest area:

A pothos plant brings instant jungle vibes. This variety of easy-care vining plant has leaves that beautifully cascade down from shelves, window ledges, or hanging baskets.

Our Botanical Marsala Pillow Shams shown on a bed.

For low light areas, the hardy ZZ plant and its gorgeous shiny leaves are a great choice. Note: both pothos and ZZ plants are toxic when ingested, so make sure they’re kept away from where pets can access.

For an animal-safe bet, try a Chinese Money Plant — AKA Pilea peperomioides —and enjoy its quirky, orb-like foliage that’s decidedly modern.

Looking for more botanical bedroom inspo? Check out our other trending bedding designs online or head to any of our 70+ locations to get a feel for our products in the wild. And don’t forget to get a weekly dose of design info by subscribing to our newsletter!

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