Cocoon Yourself! Everything You Need to Know About Silk Duvets

Cocoon Yourself! Everything You Need to Know About Silk Duvets

2019 May 22nd

Few things are as luxurious as pure, natural silk. And silk has many benefits aside from its unparalleled softness. One of the strongest natural fibres in the world, silk is incredibly durable and long lasting, making a silk duvet one of the best bedding investments you can make. Plus, with its natural hypoallergenic properties, a silk duvet will hardly ever need washing, making it incredibly easy to care for and maintain.

Considering a silk duvet for yourself? Read on for everything you need to know before you make the upgrade!

So, what is silk?

Silk is a naturally hypoallergenic protein fibre, harvested from the cocoons of silk worms. All silk duvets from QE Home are made with mulberry silk, which is the finest grade available.

Long strand (Grade A) silk is harvested by unravelling the cocoon as one continuous thread, resulting in the strongest possible cloth when woven. Short strand (Grade B) silk is harvested in shorter threads.

Why silk?

Silk duvets are temperature-regulating and moisture-wicking with a natural drape, meaning they contour to the body and absorb excess moisture as you sleep, keeping you comfy and cozy all night long.

Silk is also a natural insulator. Depending on the temperature, silk duvets either draw heat away from the body, or trap in warmth. In cold weather, the large fibres insulate to reduce heat loss from the body. In warm weather, the silk fleece helps the sleeper shed surplus heat by absorbing as much as 30% of its weight in excess moisture from the body – without ever feeling damp. This also means that one silk duvet will satisfy two sleepers of different temperatures, settling the age-old covers up covers down argument once and for all.

How to pick the right silk duvet for you

The main thing to consider when picking a silk duvet is what level of warmth you require. Are you looking for a lot of insulating power, or lighter weight warmth? The weight of silk duvets is measured in GSM (grams per square metre). If you’re looking for heavy weight warmth, go for a GSM around 350 or higher, such as our Fortuna Mulbery Silk Duvet. For more lightweight coverage, look for something in the 200 GSM range, like our Pearl Mulberry Silk Duvet.

Finally, are you looking for something high quality yet cost-effective? Or are you going for the full lap of luxury treatment? For a budget friendly option, choose something with 100% mulberry silk fill, and a 100% cotton shell, like our Meridian Mulberry Silk Duvet. For the full cocoon experience, our Fortuna duvets have a luxurious 500 thread count silk and cotton blend shell.

Still not sure which silk duvet is right for you. Head in to any one of our 75+ locations across Canada to speak to one of our expert stylists, and get your hands on the real thing before you make a decision. Happy snoozing!

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