Design Trends 2021: What’s Coming Next?

Design Trends 2021: What’s Coming Next?

2021 Jan 28th

Design reflects the world. A fact that’s clearer than ever, as we explore the styles and trends emerging in 2021.

Earth tones that bathe our homes in warmth and comfort. Classics that feel meaningful and permanent. Exuberant pops of colour that bring happy vibes after a long, solitary winter. Grounding elements that provide clarity and calm.

These are some of the themes carried throughout our Spring 2021 Bedding Collections. Connecting them all is a desire to create spaces that heal — whether you find balance in soft neutrals or joy in vibrant hues.

So let’s take a closer look at these trends: where they come from, what they mean, and which one is right for you!

The Trends: Spring 2021

New Mediterranean

A modern take on the Mediterranean aesthetic.

Built upon Italian, Spanish, and Moroccan traditions, this trend is rooted in slow-living and embraces minimalism through natural materials and soft, earthy colour schemes. Simple designs work to strip the mind of distractions and feed the soul with calm and mindfulness. Undyed and naturally tinted hues play well with pops of terracotta and tones that echo the sea and sky. Rather than visual elements, the focus is on tactility, timeless design, and fine craftsmanship. Less is more.

If you thrive in sun-kissed places and see the beauty in simplicity, this style is for you!

The Palette

A pared-back palette featuring warm, earthy neutrals and discrete pops of colour.

Featured Design: Mimeo Bedding Collection

Posh Modern

A reimagining of the classics with contemporary flair.

Mixing centuries-old architectural styles with contemporary elements, this trend reimagines the classics while staying true to historic details. Textiles loaded with references to the distant past feel meaningful and permanent. Diaphanous fabrics express lightness, while ornamental patterns add depth. Glamorous metallics complement earth-based hues. Celebrating the world’s global heritage, this style is subtle yet luxurious. Inspired by the past. Made for the present.

If you love a good story and tend to make classic design decisions, this style is for you!

The Palette

A versatile palette full of earth-based neutrals and metallics for a hint of glamour.

Featured Design: Travertine Bedding Collection 

Secret Garden

A dance between romantic botanicals and casual style.

Inspired by rural pastures and dreamy gardens, this trend blends the romantic elegance of botanicals with contemporary casual style. Fresh designs explore the relationship between flower buds and foliage. Oversized monochromatic silhouettes paired with exuberant blooms set an opulent tone. Saturated hues and deep shades add a luxe feel. A study in contrast, this aesthetic features large, sculptural foliage and their counterparts — small, simple meadow flowers. Dream in colour.

If spring is your favourite season and bright colours bring you joy, this style is for you!

The Palette

A joyful palette celebrating vibrant, saturated hues and bright pops of colour.

Featured Design: Mahana Duvet Cover

Human Nature

A return to nature through tranquil hues and grounding elements.

In a fast-paced world, this trend speaks to rejuvenation and a resurfacing desire to connect with nature. Grounding elements, subtle foliage, and watercolour florals provide clarity and calm. A soothing palette promotes quiet moments of reflection with an undercurrent of resolve. Natural greens represent clarity in emotions. Watery blues are a reflection of eco-systems and clean air. Midtone gray is grounded and strong, inspired by slate and smooth river rock. Wake up and welcome Mother Nature.

If you feel most at home in nature and gravitate to calm colours, this style is for you!

The Palette

A soothing palette based on nature’s predominant hues and deep, grounding shades.

Featured Design: Della Bedding Collection (coming soon!)

Get Inspired!

This year’s trends reflect a deeper need for comfort, beauty, and peace. And a deeper appreciation for our heritage, the earth, and health and wellness.

We hope they help spark your imagination and spur the creation of a space you love!

Share your look with us any time by using #myQEstyle. And remember, if ever you need design advice, we’re here to help. Request a free virtual consultation with our expert stylists or chat with us live by clicking the blue speech bubble at the bottom right of your screen.

Happy styling! :) 

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