Find Your Sleep Chronotype!

Find Your Sleep Chronotype!

2022 Oct 13th

Find Your Sleep Chronotype!

From night-loving wolves to early-rising lions, find the animal that suits your sleep, and exactly what you need for the perfect rest!

No matter how hard you try changing your sleep routine, it can often feel like you’re stuck on a single pattern. Well, you might not be wrong, and you can blame it on your own internal clock! Each person’s sleep identity is unique, but many sleep experts agree that there’s a few archetypes that people tend to fall in, often referred to as Lions, Wolves, Dolphins, and Bears.

However, these animals are more than just fun names for your sleep schedule! Each chronotype has its own traits that originate from your rest patterns, greatly affecting both your sleep and your lifestyle. Plus, learning yours can be key to getting a fuller rest, as it’s much easier to improve your sleep when you know what to expect.

So, which chronotype are you? Read on to find the animal that speaks to you most, and then take our quiz below for a personalized look into soothing your unique sleep chronotype!


Signs you might be a lion:

  • Always wakes up bright & early
  • Has some trouble sleeping in
  • Rests well during travel
  • Most productive before lunch

Rise and shine with a roaring yawn! Lions are the early birds of the sleep chronotypes, waking up bright and early to take on the day. Instead of sleeping in, these proud providers are most productive and energetic right after breakfast, but it comes at the cost of early nights and trouble ending the day.

As you’d expect, this makes afternoons and evenings pretty challenging for lions. They love to go to bed early, and lose their energy quite fast by the time lunch hits. Getting some extra rest can be a struggle for lions, as they feel guilty staying in bed for too long.

However, that doesn’t mean lions can’t enjoy a little extra rest. Our temperature-regulating and moisture-resistant  Eucalyptus Luxe TENCEL™ Lyocell Sheets stay cool & dry as you sleep, letting your bed feel as fresh in the morning as it did the night before. Plus, with some extra pillows & cushions to lean on, you can read or browse your phone in comfort during your restless mornings!


Signs you might be a wolf:

  • Needs several alarms to wake up early
  • Loves sleeping in after a long night
  • Prefers to only sleep in bed
  • Not too strict about bedtimes

Often seen as night owls who thrive after sunset, wolves are at their best when the sky turns dark. They have tons of energy from late afternoon to the late hours of the night, and their drive follows right behind them. Some use this time to work and get productive, while others break free from the lone wolf trope and love a night out on the town!

As fun as they can be, their sleep isn’t always the most convenient for others. They often struggle to wake up early, and need several alarms to be ready for the day. They’re plenty capable of getting an adequate amount of sleep, but their internal clock doesn’t always fit everyone else’s schedule.

If this all speaks to you, it might be a sign you need to make your bed a space you’re enthusiastic to climb into! Add a little luxury with silk sheets and pillowcases to add a blissfully soft feel that’ll keep your bed feeling like a total treat. If the light is what’s holding you from sleep, don’t be afraid to cover up your windows with blackout drapery curtains to keep your bedroom feeling like nighttime all day!


Signs you might be a dolphin:

  • Doesn’t have a predictable wakeup time
  • Most energetic in the late afternoon
  • Can rarely sleep in cars and planes
  • Has trouble being productive in the morning

Dolphins break the binary of late nighters and early risers, as they can rarely maintain a consistent sleep schedule. They tend to be a little extra sensitive, especially when it comes to light and noise, and their brains often struggle to turn off whenever they curl up in bed.

On the plus side, this means they can get active during all kinds of hours, and they don’t have much trouble being busy in the daylight. Unfortunately, this means they can lack energy outside of their productive windows, often needing to rest at unpredictable times.

This means dolphins need to do a little extra work to get a fulfilling rest. Weighted blankets and quilts are an excellent way to get that extra rest, giving deep pressure stimulation that creates a restful and calming sensation. Alternately, don’t be afraid to let yourself bundle up with some cozy flannel cotton sheets for a little extra warmth!


Signs you might be a bear:

  • Rarely needs an alarm to wake up early
  • Goes to bed early to get enough sleep
  • Can sleep anywhere if especially tired
  • Enjoys starting the day slowly

For bears, night time is dedicated to getting a good night’s sleep! They rise and set with the sun, making their productivity and energy totally dependent on daylight. They’re not necessarily as early-rising as a lion, but they prefer starting their day when the sun comes up, and find it easier to take on their biggest tasks in the early afternoon.

When it comes to their sleep, bears really need their full eight hours. They live for slow-going mornings to plan their day, eat breakfast, and charge themselves up for school or work. If they fall asleep even a little past their bedtime, they run a risk of falling behind on their rest, and can sometimes struggle to catch up.

If you can’t get that perfectly timed sleep, it helps to have a little comfort on-the-go! Cozy blankets and throws can help you curl up anywhere from the couch to your bed, but even an adjustable Small Adjustable Memory Foam Pillow can make for some reliable softness when you’re stuck in your car or at your desk!

Feeling like you've got more of a handle on your sleepy spirit animal? Take our quiz below to find the perfect bedding to satisfy your chronotype's needs!

We hope our chronology class can help you get the unique sleep you deserve! If you’re in need of a little extra bedtime support, you can visit any of our 77 stores across Canada to get a closer look at all our coziest comforts, and our expert Sleep Stylists are here to help any type of sleeper get their beauty rest.

Sweet dreams to all you lions, wolves, dolphins, and bears!

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