How To Make Your Own Mother's Day DIY Love Jar

How To Make Your Own Mother's Day DIY Love Jar

2022 Apr 29th

With another Mother’s Day on its way, it’s time to show your partners and parents how much they mean to you. Everyone has their own unique relationships to the people that take care of them, so the most important mom in your life deserves to know what makes her love so special.

With some quick crafting skills, a simple mason jar, and some leftover fabric and arts supplies you have laying around, you can share that love clear as day with our Mother’s Day DIY Love Jar! Whether you want to give it as a surprise with her other Mother’s Day gifts, or want to make something to treasure together, this craft is the perfect way to tell her exactly how you feel.

What You’ll Need

  • Empty Mason Jar
  • 20-30 Small Scraps of Paper/Fabric
  • Long Fabric Piece
  • Markers or Pens
  • Extra Arts and Crafts Supplies

The materials you use for this DIY project can be pretty flexible, but the key thing you’ll need is a fair share of fabric that you’re comfortable cutting up. Any old bedding you’re ready to part with works perfectly for this, but make sure you have replacements for any sheets or pillowcases you use before you get crafty.

As for the extra supplies, you can get as wild as you’d like since they’re for any decorations you feel like adding! These will mainly be used to decorate your jar near the end, so we’d suggest some fun accessories like glue, glitter, and stickers to add a little extra love and personality to your gift’s exterior..

Step 1: Share The Love

Before anything else, you’re going to want to start by getting your love ready to put in your jar! Using your small scraps of paper or fabric (ideally cut into matching-sized rectangles), grab your markers and pens and start writing a little note on each of them. You can write as many as you’d like, but at least 25 should help most small jars look nice and full!

Your words can include anything you want to share with her, from the ways she makes you feel to something specific she does that you appreciate! Make sure each of them is unique, so that when she reads them she’ll get a different bit of love with every note.

Step 2: Wrap Up Your Words

While you could put these notes into the jar as-is, it’s more likely to look messy through the glass without a little finishing touch. Plus, if they all sit flat, it might make your jar look emptier than it really is, so it’s important that you at least fold them in half so that you can give them a little more size!

If you feel like getting a little extra fancy, try rolling up your notes into small little scrolls. Then, with either a small string, scrunchie, or tinier cut of fabric, tie the scroll up with a little bow or knot! It might feel tedious to do this for so many notes, but this small feature will give each scroll a little extra character.

Step 3: Put Your Mark On It

Next, it’s time to make the jar your own! This is where you’ll take out your extra arts and craft supplies, stickers, and anything else you’d like to decorate with. While still keeping the notes easy-to-see, start covering it with any stickers or designs to let your mother know these words are all from you.

Once any features are added to the jar itself, screw the top on and finish it with some more fabric! One easy way to cap it off is by wrapping a thick sleeve of fabric around it, attaching it with glue or tape underneath, and then writing a quick message on your nice new label!

If you have some extra skill with your hands, you can also cut your fabric into an extra long and thin stripe, and use it to tie a little bow around the side or top of the jar! She’ll surely want to read the notes, but these extra embellishments will help her know exactly what’s waiting inside.

Step 4: Fill Your Jar!

Last but not least, it’s time to fill up! Gently put your notes into the jar, making sure they all look nice and scattered in an elegant little pile. It’s not supposed to be tidy like a filing cabinet, so feel free to seal the jar and shake it around a little to help your notes look naturally spread out.

16 Ways To Say You Love Your Mom

While your messages need to come from your heart, it can sometimes be tough to put your love into words 一 especially if your little ones are still learning to use them.

In case you need a little help deciding what to say on some of your love notes, here’s a few words of appreciation to get you started and fill in your blanks!

When you appreciate the things she does for you

  • Thank you for working so hard while I’m at school
  • I’ll always wait to watch our favorite shows together
  • I love that you give the biggest hugs
  • It’s always fun baking treats together

When you love the way she makes you feel

  • You always make me feel safe
  • I’m always relaxed when I’m with you
  • You’re always fun to be around
  • I can’t imagine life without you

When you want to give her so much more

  • I wish I could fill the kitchen with cookies for you
  • I want to do whatever you would enjoy most
  • I love eating breakfast with you every morning
  • I always want to spend the day with you

When you think she’s earned a good night’s sleep

  • Thank you for always staying up late to take care of me
  • It’s always great when I see you in my dreams
  • I wish I could give you breakfast in bed every morning
  • You deserve the sweetest dreams

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And of course, make sure you give your mom a big hug with her gift!

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