New Year, New Bedroom: Tips to Refresh Your Space in 2023

New Year, New Bedroom: Tips to Refresh Your Space in 2023

2023 Jan 2nd

Is redecorating on your list of new year’s resolutions? What about getting better sleep?

A simple bedroom refresh can help you check both off your list!

It doesn’t take much to transform your sleep space either. With a few easy updates, like choosing a new colour palette and swapping out your bedding, you can create a stylish sanctuary where relaxation and rest reign supreme.

Not sure where to start? Read on for ten quick and easy tips to refresh your bedroom!

10 Easy Bedroom Refresh Tips

1. Pick your palette

Picking (and sticking to!) a colour palette will help keep your space cohesive. Whether you go bold or neutral, choose one core hue to focus on. From there, identify a couple of complementary secondary colours. If your main hue is bold, your secondary colours might be easy neutrals, like white or beige, and vice versa! Remember, colour helps set the mood in your bedroom, so consider what mood you’re going for and whether your colour palette aligns.

2. Play with pops of colour

Keep a neutral palette from looking tired with a bold pop of colour, or make a bold palette even more exciting with a splash of contrasting colour! No need to paint a whole wall either (although a feature wall can be a fun weekend project!). Adding a pop of colour can be as simple as piling on a couple vibrant cushions or draping a beautiful blanket across your couch.

3. Mix in some pattern

Just like a little colour, a pop of pattern can make a big impact in a space. When mixing in pattern, the key is to keep balance in mind. For example, if you go for a duvet cover with an intricate pattern, you may want to err on the side of simplicity with your accessories. If mixing multiple patterns, try and balance a larger print (like a botanical or floral) with a tight print (like a geometric design).

4. Tell a story with texture

Texture can take your space from plain to plush! And just like colour, the textures you choose can help tell a story. For a luxe, glam look, there’s nothing like faux fur or velvet. For a relaxed, boho feel, try adding accents with a soft, long pile. For a hip vibe, unique textures like linen and waffle weaves are your friend!

5. Warm it up

Investing in a duvet is an easy way to warm up your bedroom. But bear in mind, depending which duvet you choose, you can achieve very different looks. For instance, a fluffy down duvet will not only be warm and cozy, but will create a lofty, hotel-like look and feel. A silk duvet, on the other hand, will be more sleek and sculpted. Down alternatives will fall somewhere in between. So when choosing a duvet, be sure to consider both the level of warmth and the look you’re going for!

6. Make it luxurious

When you think of a luxury hotel room, what comes to mind? For many, it’s the sheets! Bring a bit of that luxurious feeling home by swapping out your old, tired sheets. Whether you like ‘em silky, buttery, or smooth and slightly crisp, new sheets will improve your sleep — while also contributing to the aesthetic appeal of your bedroom.

7. Upgrade your beauty sleep

Speaking of luxury (and improving your sleep!), a little silk can go a long way. One of the hottest beauty trends of the year just passed, mulberry silk pillowcases help your hair and skin retain moisture, all while regulating temperature for a sound night’s sleep. The silky texture also prevents your hair from tangling and reduces the formation of fine lines, as you’re able to glide effortlessly across the fabric. Truly, a beauty and sleep hack.

8. Get support

For many of us, a multi-functional bedroom is a new necessity! If you’re someone who likes to treat your bed as a desk, dining room table, and home theatre, having back support is so important. Adding a cozy lumbar pillow to your bed can help keep your back happy. Euro pillows are another must-have — they’ll support your back and neck. (Pro-tip, if you have pets, euro pillows make great beds for them too!)

9. Add protection

A fresh, new bed starts from the bottom up. Mattress and pillow protectors will keep your bed clean and healthy by fending off dust mites and other allergens. Not only that, protectors will extend the life of your mattress and pillows, making them a sound investment. Plus, they provide an extra layer of soft padding and help regulate temperature for a more comfortable sleep all around!

10. Treat your senses

Refresh your sleep routine in a whole new “sense”. Weighted blankets promote relaxation and a sense of calm by mimicking the sensation of being hugged. Our All-Seasons Weighted Blanket helps to increase deep sleep and features our innovative Cool Touch fabric to keep you from overheating during the warmer months.

Need Help Refreshing Your Bedroom?

Everyone deserves a bedroom that makes them smile, relax, and sleep easy. Soothing hues, soft, cozy bedding, and accents that play up your personal style, are all key to creating the retreat of your dreams.

But if you can’t figure out where to begin or what bedding is best for you, not to worry. Our expert stylists are here to help. Book a free virtual consultation and start the new year off right — with a beautiful bedroom refresh! 

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