Quick Tips for Mixing & Matching Home Decor Accessories

Quick Tips for Mixing & Matching Home Decor Accessories

2021 Mar 23rd

Mixing is the new matching!

When it comes to decor accessories, playing with colour, scale, and texture is the perfect way to add warmth and aesthetic appeal to your home.

But it can be a bit intimidating to mix things up! So we asked our resident style guru, Heike, to share some quick tips to help you mix and match like a pro.

Our Stylist’s Top 3 Tips

  1. Choose Your Foundation
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    Set the tone with a solid-coloured foundation. Larger layers, like blankets and throws, create an ideal backdrop for piling on cushions. Let the colour of this layer guide and tie together your entire look!

    Blue Toned Mix of Decor Accessories

  2. Get Three-Dimensional

    Use up to three different sizes and shapes when choosing your cushions. Go big, with a euro pillow, and add two smaller sizes, like a square cushion and a boudoir cushion to make your mix extra dynamic.

    Teal Toned Mix of Decor Accessories

  3. Finish With a Flourish

    Round out your palette with a playful pop of pattern or colour. Don’t shy away from contrast either! A little contrast is exactly what creates that “pop”. If you’re sticking to a neutral palette, an interesting texture can substitute for colour nicely.

    Terracotta, White, Yellow, and Green Toned Mix of Decor Accessories

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A little colour and texture can go a long way.

By layering a mix of accessories, you can create a look that feels effortlessly (yet perfectly!) thrown together. Just remember, don’t be afraid to get creative! Start with pieces you love and experiment with patterns, colours, and textures until you have a space uniquely your own.

Ready to mix and match your way to a beautifully decorated home?

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Pink Toned Mix of Decor Accessories

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