Quick Tips for Styling Blankets and Throws

Quick Tips for Styling Blankets and Throws

2020 Oct 29th

Blankets and throws are the same, right?

Not quite! Though both provide warmth and can add a pop of colour, pattern, or texture to a room, there are some key differences between the two. And understanding these differences can help you make the right choice for your needs.

So before we get into styling tips, let’s have a look at what sets blankets and throws apart…

What’s the Difference Between a Blanket and a Throw?

Chances are, you’ve heard a “blanket” called a “throw” and vice versa. As if that’s not confusing enough, some even use the term “blanket throw”!

But it’s a common misconception these terms are interchangeable. While the purpose of blankets and throws may overlap, there are a few general distinctions to bear in mind.

  1. Purpose Purpose Blanket Blog 
    Yes, blankets and throws can both keep you toasty and can technically be used in any living space. But at the end of day, blankets are designed to be used on a bed, while throws are more portable — they can easily be used on the couch, at a desk, or in a reading nook. Throws also tend to feature more decorative elements, as they’re often used in living spaces where anyone might see them. So if you’re looking to add an eye-catching element to your living space, a throw is probably your best bet. 
  2. SizeSize Blanket Blog 
    The easiest way to tell these layers apart? Size! Blankets are bigger than throws. Since blankets are intended for use on a bed, they usually come in several sizes. For example, our blankets come in Twin, Queen, and King sizes. Throws, on the other hand, come in one size. This varies slightly, but as a general rule of thumb, throws are between 50” by 60” and 50” by 70”. (Yes, all our throws fall in this range!)

  3. MaterialMaterial Blanket Blog 
    Since blankets are meant for use on a bed, they come in a range of fabrics from cotton for summer to flannel and fleece for winter. These big, cozy layers are often made from one large piece of fabric and can be lined or quilted. Since throws can serve as decor (along with being cozy!), they’re commonly made from luxurious fabrics like faux fur or velvet.

  4. DesignMaterial Blanket Blog 
    If it has tassels or fringe, it’s probably a throw! If it has sewn edges, chances are it’s a blanket. Again, since throws are meant for use in any living space, they often feature embellishments like ribbing or an etched pattern. Blankets may have stylistic features like a printed pattern too, but many will come in a solid colour with minimal embellishments.

Quick Tips for Styling Blankets

Tip #1: Play footsies

Achieve a clean, calm feel by folding your blanket lengthwise and laying it across the foot of your bed. With this look, your folded blanket should be about a fourth of the width of your bed. For even more elegance, leave a small sliver at the foot of your bed where your duvet cover can peek out!

Tip #2: Artfully draped

Try a casual drape to create a relaxed, inviting look. Gather two ends of your blanket together and drag it across your bed diagonally, from the bottom and up, until you reach the far side of your bed. Pat, gather, tug, or spread out your blanket until it cascades artfully over the side of your bed.

Tip #3: All tucked in

If your blanket is mainly for warmth, you may prefer to tuck it in! When you’re making your bed, simply layer your blanket between your flat sheet (if you use one) and your duvet or comforter. If you like the fuss-free, tucked in look, but still want to show off your blanket, fold back your duvet or comforter to display your extra layer.

Quick Tips for Styling Throws

Tip #1: Play proper

For a tidy look, fold your throw lengthwise into thirds and then halve it in the other direction. This folding method will make your throw the perfect size for draping over the arm of a couch or chair. Lean a square cushion against your neatly folded throw for extra coziness.

Tip #2: Perfectly imperfect

Just like the tousled bed-head look, a casually draped throw can give off a relaxed vibe and convey a “laissez faire” attitude. To achieve this look, pinch your throw at its centre and drag it over one of the back corners of your couch or chair. Take a step back and adjust where needed. If you like, you can also pile on some cushions in different dimensions to complete your perfectly imperfect look.

Tip #3: All in one basket

If you can’t be bothered with folding or draping, a decorative basket may be the way to go. Simply toss your throw inside, or hang it over the edge for a little extra style. Try keeping one next to your couch for easy access in the evenings, or in your home office for all those frosty early mornings.

Whether you style your blankets and throws casually or prefer a polished approach, one thing’s for sure... layering will add warmth and aesthetic appeal to your home sweet home.

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