Rustic Retreat: 4 Cabin & Cottage Style Decorating Ideas For Your Home

Rustic Retreat: 4 Cabin & Cottage Style Decorating Ideas For Your Home

2024 Jun 7th

Amidst the hustle and bustle of everyday life, the thought of escaping to a cozy cabin or cottage getaway might feel like exactly what you need to recharge and replenish. But if you don’t have the vacation time or resources ready to nestle up in nature, no fear: you can infuse your humble abode with the same sense of timeless appeal and rustic charm through your decor choices!

In this blog, we’ll explore four delightful cottage style decorating ideas that’ll help you capture the essence of cabin/cottage living and transform your home into the rustic retreat you’ve always dreamed of.

Cabin Decor & Cottage Style Decorating Ideas

1. Bring the Outdoors In

Want to escape to the wilderness from home? Add decorations and furnishings that reflect nature! These decor choices effortlessly blur the lines of the inside and outside world while bringing rustic charm and natural serenity into any space.

For instance, you could nod to nature by incorporating reclaimed wood furniture, mount driftwood on your wall, or adding some flora (plants) and fauna (animals) features for a touch of wild whimsy.Try drying and pressing some local flowers for some DIY flair!

To really capture the outdoor spirit, bed linens with nature-inspired prints create a functional statement piece that will earn its keep during the nights. Our new printed quilts are perfect contenders for adding an extra layer or replacing a duvet during the summer months.

A GIF consisting of three images of our Woodland Meadow Cotton Quilt Set from various angles.

Woodland Meadow Cotton Quilt Set

A GIF consisting of three images of our White Birch Cotton Quilt Set from various angles.

White Birch Cotton Quilt Set

2. Layer Up With Textiles

Another great way to integrate some restful retreat energy into your space is to add lots of cozy textiles. Think: decadent rugs, textured throws, easy-going quilts, and anything else that’ll help you nestle in style — no fireplace needed.

There are tons of options out there that you can layer together for a warming, relaxing look that’s all your own. We’ve also made sure to include some options in each cabin decor idea listed for your convenience and inspiration.

Our Chevron Plush Throw in Aqua shown draped over an armchair in a room next to a side table and lamp.

Chevron Plush Throw in Aqua

A GIF consisting of three images of our Sandpiper Cotton Quilt Set from various angles.

Sandpiper Cotton Quilt Set shown layered with our Sonrisa Duvet Cover and Pillow Shams, our Muslin Gauze Throw in Natural, and our Pin-Tuck Round Cushion in Ocean.

3. Incorporate Earth Tones

Prioritizing earth tones in your living spaces is an easy way to capture the cozy n’ quaint qualities of cabin/cottage life. From rich terracottas and forested greens to creamy beiges and warm umbers, these versatile palettes effortlessly blend rustic charm with modern appeal, making every corner of your home feel like a welcoming haven.

Natural wood tables, chairs, and other furniture pieces will of course do the trick. But a simple way to add earth tones to any room is by adding earthen accents through wall art, textiles (such as our Muslin Gauze Throw in Clay), kitchenware, pillows (i.e. our Linen Cotton Square Cushion Cover in Flax), and table decorations.

In the bedroom, refresh your layers with something like our 300TC Organic Cotton Sheet Set in Stone, or add an earth-toned duvet cover like our Signature Vintage Washed European Linen Duvet Cover - Natural.

A playfully printed quilt set is another multifunctional textile piece to anchor in those earth tones and show your commitment to the cabin theme.

A GIF consisting of three images of our Rock River Cotton Quilt Set from various angles.

Rock River Cotton Quilt Set

4. Play with Vintage Prints

To really conjure that rustic cottage charm, amplify your interior with vintage/antique printed textiles. These patterns add character and history, infusing your space with a sense of nostalgia that instantly reminds of simpler times.

Patchwork textiles are one such tried-and-true style that screams cabin or cottage living. Look no further than the Amara Duvet Cover for some earthy vintage appeal.

For quilts, the Annie Mae Cotton Quilt Set and Harrison Cotton Quilt Set can help you keep things decidedly homey and humble.

Plaid is another timeless classic pattern for a decidedly rustic interior. A Plaid Sherpa Blanket will up the comfort level and add depth to your living or bedroom decor.

And when sleep calls, why not tuck into total tartan goodness with our Larch Duvet Cover?

A cozy bedroom with a king-size bed in the center, dressed in our Larch Duvet Cover and coordinating Larch Pillow Shams, framed by two nightstands with lamps on top. The bed is positioned next to a large window.

We hope these quick cabin and cottage style decorating tips did the trick! If you need any advice, visit any of our 70+ locations to see more cozy interior inspo, and subscribe to our newsletter for a weekly dose of decorating info!

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