Sustainability Myths, Explained

Sustainability Myths, Explained

2022 Aug 23rd

Here at QE Home, we're dedicated to doing our part to lessen our impact on the environment around us, and just as committed to making sustainable choices easier for our customers.

According to a recent survey (Mintel, April 2022) 71% of Canadians consider themselves to be 'sustainable consumers'. Yet, misconceptions around textiles prevail; and can sometimes make sustainable choices feel out of reach. Let's dispel 3 of the common myths associated with bedding!

Myth #1 Sustainable products are expensive

Sustainable products are often associated with a higher price tag, indeed one of the big barriers when choosing sustainable alternatives is price.

Often, but not always, this reluctance does reflect a genuine increase in cost when looking at two similar products. However, when looking beyond the short term, sustainable products (and a sustainable mindset) represent a much less expensive model of consumption - here’s why!

The initial upfront cost (which may be slightly higher) is offset by the extended lifecycle of the product and further by an increased mindfulness about how the product is used and cared for. For those who are in a position to choose innovative natural fibers (we recognize not everybody can) there is much to be said for their durability and impact on overall cost savings.

TENCEL™ is a great option for those wanting to make a responsible investment in their bedding. Long-lasting & sustainable from forest to fabric, TENCEL™ blends are made from strong, durable fibers of botanic, closed-loop origin. This means that waste is greatly reduced compared to traditional fabrics.

Our Seaport BeechBliss TENCEL™ Modal Duvet Cover styled on a white bed in a bedroom.

TENCEL™ Modal is a silky soft fabric made from sustainably grown and harvested beech wood trees. 

Organic cotton is a much more sustainable alternative to non-organic cotton, and is typically an affordable option.

Our Flux Organic Cotton Duvet Cover Set dressed on a bed with white sheets.

Our Organic Cotton bedding is made from 100% organic cotton and is Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) Certified, which guarantees it has been produced against the highest environmental and social responsibility standards.

Myth #2 Sustainability comes at the cost of quality (and style)

Sustainable brands tend to prioritize high-quality, long-lasting materials, and try to ensure their products last as long as possible, and do not end up contributing to landfill further down the track. As we cover in the above point, sustainable products are often higher quality and will last a long time with proper care.

There are multiple converging factors intrinsic to the sustainable textiles industry (i.e. materials, manufacturing standards and innovation) that typically result in a more premium, durable product than you might find when shopping for the lowest possible price.

Since sustainability is often thought of as a compromise on aesthetics, what about quality in terms of range and versatility?

Here at QE Home, we’re continuously expanding our sustainable product range, ensuring that customers have the best of bedding, with no compromise to their values. Better yet, all of our fashion-forward designs are created by our in-house team, based at our Vancouver, BC headquarters!

Our blue patterned Sonesta Bedding Collection styled in a luxurious bedroom setting with a decorative square cushions and euro pillows.

Our botanical Lakewood Bedding Collection styled with colour coordinating sheeting and accessories in a stylish bedroom setting.

TENCEL™ Lyocell is an innovative blend made from sustainably grown and harvested Eucalyptus trees and cotton. Buttery soft and temperature regulating, it’s also STANDARD 100 OEKO-TEX® Certified. 

Myth #3 It’s cheaper and more sustainable to avoid buying new altogether

When it comes to second hand shopping, a thrifted wardrobe is a better alternative to fast fashion, and we acknowledge the thrill of discovering a unique vintage find, or scoring a great bargain!

For those who prefer to know exactly what they’re bringing into their home (such as those with skin sensitivities or allergies), it may be preferred to shop new and from sustainable companies who are transparent about their products’ origins.

Since bedding is usually bought new, it’s even more important to “vote with your dollar” and help to grow the sustainable textiles market. Based on the principle of supply and demand, eco-conscious consumers effectively ‘vote with their dollar’, causing a positive ripple effect that benefits the market as a whole.

So, supporting businesses who are committed to sustainability is an investment into a more sustainable future! 

Simply put, to embrace the philosophy of circular consumption, there are options other than buying second hand. 

Our pink Blush Dot Recycled Polyester Comforter Set styled on a bed with white Euro Pillow Shams.

Our Recycled Microfiber Sheet Set in Vapor Grey styled in a grey bedroom.

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