The Making of Faroe

The Making of Faroe

2023 Apr 11th

Over eight hours of watercolour creation, our Faroe Collection's botanical print was hand-painted by our incredibly talented in-house artist and Lead Designer, Ross. He also took the time to share with us his creative process and what inspired him during the development of this beautiful new design.

"Being from Vancouver Island and having a connection to islands, I was fascinated by the island culture I experienced during my visit to Portugal in April 2022. The beauty and isolation attached to these places is undeniable. The dialect and all-encompassing ocean redefine the concept of beauty, especially in places like Madeira and the Canary Islands. My interest in island life led me to the Faroe Islands."

"The Faroe Islands, located near Scotland and Greenland, are a manifestation of my fascination with islands and their unique relationship with the ocean and elements.

In the short-lived spring and summer seasons, the islands burst into a breathtaking display of wildflowers, which I aim to capture through watercolour, highlighting their intense colours and abundant growth."

"To begin, I place a vase of flowers and observe them before commencing the painting process. I typically paint each flower separately before scanning the artwork. Finally, I overlay the flowers to form the desired design."

"As I place a bouquet of flowers in a vase and begin to paint them individually, I am reminded of the fleeting beauty of island life governed by the ocean and elements. Faroe, a watercolour piece inspired by the wildflowers of the North Atlantic, captures the intensity of color and abundance in this brief growing season.

Watercolour is the perfect medium for this story as it takes on a life of its own, just like the unpredictable nature of the ocean. Growing up on an island, I appreciate the certain isolation that comes with being surrounded by water, and I let that resonate in my art."

Watch Ross discuss the Faroe Collection in our Spring Collections video here.

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