The Many Benefits of Supima® Cotton

The Many Benefits of Supima® Cotton

2020 Dec 3rd

Is there anything better than crawling into fresh sheets at the end of a long day?

The answer is yes… crawling into fresh Supima® cotton sheets!

Widely known as the world’s finest cotton, Supima® is well-loved for its softness and durability. But what is Supima® cotton, exactly? And what sets it apart? Let’s dig in!

What is Supima® Cotton?

Supima® is the brand name for American-grown Pima cotton. The name itself blends the words “Superior” and “Pima”.

This type of cotton is quite rare. In fact, it accounts for less than 1% of cotton grown worldwide!

Approximately 500 family-owned farms in the United States cultivate Supima® cotton. Many of these farms have been passed down from generation to generation, and the farmers take great care to preserve the health of the land. After all, it’s their legacy.

The majority of Supima® cotton comes from California, with smaller percentages grown in Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas. But no matter what region it stems from, Supima® cotton’s defining characteristic is its extra-long staple fibers.

These fibers measure 1.5” long (about 3.8 cm), while your average cotton weighs in about 1” (2.5 cm) long. And it’s these fibers that give Supima cotton its “superior” qualities: softness, strength, and colour retention.

The Top Three Benefits of Supima® Cotton

Sublime Softness

  1. Sublime Softness 

  2. Like a fine wine, Supima® cotton only gets better with time. The extra-long fibers of this cotton produce a smoother, cleaner yarn that starts out soft and gets even softer with every wash! Supima® cotton fibers are also incredibly fine — a quality that lends fabrics a distinct softness that’s truly sublime.
    Super Strength
  3. Super Strength 

    Supima® cotton’s extra-long fibers make for extra resilient products. These super strong, long fibers produce a tightly woven fabric that resists tearing, pulling, and pilling. So it’s no surprise products made with Supima® cotton keep their shape and last in the long run.

  4. Brilliant Colour Rention
  5. Brilliant Colour Retention

    Due to their oh-so-fine nature, Supima® cotton fibers excel at absorbing (and retaining!) dye. The result? Richly coloured fabrics that won’t fade after just one wash. Rather, they’ll retain their brilliance and lustre wash after wash, so you can enjoy many years of use.

Why Choose Our Supima® Cotton Sheets?

You won’t find any blends here.

We make our sheets with 100% Supima® cotton, so you can count on the quality of every last fiber. You probably couldn’t count all the threads though, as our  Supima® sheet sets boast a luxurious 500 thread count!

This rich thread count paired with Supima® cotton’s innate softness and a silky, sateen weave makes for beautiful, durable sheets with a hint of lustrous sheen.

Plus, our new Stay Snug Fitted Sheet Technology allows them to adjust to shallow and deep mattresses alike. And with an elegant hemstitch detail on the flat sheet and pillowcase cuff, our Supima® sets are as beautiful, as they are practical!   

So the only thing you have to think about is which colour to choose:

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