Tips & Tricks For Getting Your Kids To Bed

Tips & Tricks For Getting Your Kids To Bed

2022 Aug 30th

With school starting soon, it’s time to get your kids back on a sleep schedule you can all look forward to!

Getting a good sleep is important for folks of any age, but especially when it comes to your young ones.. From your smallest sleepers to your pre-teen dreamers, a consistent rest pattern is key in being ready for school, work, or even just enjoying their day off to the fullest!

Most parents know that’s easier said than done, but there’s more than plenty of tricks for parents to help their kids (and even themselves) to sleep earlier, easier, and stronger. QE Home’s staff and sleep stylists have discovered plenty of these, and we want to share some of the best tips we’ve learned!

Make Their Bed Rest-Ready

It might seem simple, but a comfy bed makes it easier for anyone to sleep! Some new luxury sheets or freshly cleaned bedding will make their bed feel like a dream, helping them relax and keeping them from wanting to leave their bed all night!

If you feel like going bigger, there’s nothing wrong with a total bedroom refresh. A little makeover with some new cozy cushions can help your kids get excited and refreshed for school!

“Give them a nice meal before going to bed. Wash them up so they’re comfortable when sleeping, and use good sheets on their bed like our BeechBliss bed sheets. Make sure their bedding is also suitable for the weather!”

- Maria, Sleep Stylist, Southgate Centre, AB

“We use our bamboo sheets and silk duvet for our granddaughter! They’re so soft and it makes her sleepy. She is obsessed with our soft rainbow blanket, it makes going to bed fun!”

- Premila, Sleep Stylist, Southgate Centre, AB

“I don’t have kids, but I always help my sister’s kids to make their beds ready. They love dino bedding, and I always help them get glow in the dark throws for an additional spark over their sleep.”

- Ranbeer, Store Manager, Bramalea City Centre, ON

“What can be better than having a back to school makeover? New look, new fresh mindset for September!”

- Jacqueline, Sleep Stylist, Medicine Hat Mall, AB

Our Kailua Bedding Collection and Forest Friends Cotton Quilt Set styled on a bed with a Fleece Throw and Cuddle Cushions.

Add snuggly friends like our Cozy Cuddle Cushions for a welcoming sleep space they’ll adore!

Get Into A Routine

Don’t be afraid to make going to bed a proper part of a full night, as some good old rest and relaxation makes it easier than ever to enter their dreams. Give them a nice bath, read a story, or even do a little skincare together to help them unwind!

To get them especially ready to sleep, you can also make your nights a little more active to tire them out. Enjoy a nice walk together in the cool evening air, take a little bike ride, or even just play some games in the park together to burn off their extra energy!

“To get myself to sleep on time, I make sure I do my skincare and get into bed with a clean and fresh bed, and keep the room dark. I think kids probably need the same preparation to make them comfortable enough to sleep on time.”

- Taanvir, Sleep Stylist, Hillcrest Mall, ON

“Take them for a nice bike ride after supper, a nice warm bath to relax, and snuggle in bed with them and a bedtime story.”

- Jeanette, Sleep Stylist, St. Laurent Centre, ON

A boy peeks out from underneath the covers in a bed styled with our Supernova Bedding Collection,  BeechBliss TENCEL™ Modal Sheet Set in Seaport and a decorative throw and cushions.

Get them cozy under the covers for a bedtime story as part of a fun nightly routine!

Keep It Dark

Make sure nighttime feels like nighttime. Some kids might like a little shine from a nightlight, or a cozy glimmer from a  glow in the dark throw, but too much can make it hard for them to fully drift off. Blackout drapery is an especially easy way to keep things dark, fully keeping out any leftover summer light!

“Blackout curtains are a must! My kids start going to bed at regular school hours starting late August, and waking up early too! Using apps with white noise helps them get to sleep and stay asleep. No screens after 7pm.”

- Michelle, eComm Merchandise Manager, Vancouver Head Office, BC

“It’s still so light out in the evenings, so blackout drapes can help it feel more like nighttime! No devices for at least an hour before bed, and finally a good book or story to get settled.”

- Leslie, Store Manager, Conestoga Mall & Fairview Park Mall, ON

A GIF of our Happy Planet Glow in the Dark Fleece Throw draped on a couch shown in both light and dark settings.

Fun layers like our ‘Happy Planet’ Glow In The Dark Fleece Throw can add comfort to a dark bedroom.

Early Adjustments 

Getting a good sleep can sometimes take practice. Gradually start the week before school by setting bedtime a little earlier each day. Even just 15-30 minutes each night will make the student sleep schedule feel totally natural within the first weeks of school!

“When my kids were younger, we would have a schedule of times. Move going to bed 30 minutes earlier each night for bedtime. Also do the same in the morning for the kids to get used to getting up early for school.”

- Cathy, Store Manager, Timmins Square, ON

“Start early. About a week before school starts, set their bedtimes earlier and earlier.”

- Carole, Store Manager, New Sudbury Centre, ON

“For myself, when my daughter was in school, it was important to transition to earlier bedtimes from summertime freedom from their schedules.”

- Linda, Sleep Stylist, Medicine Hat Mall, AB

A boy sleeps on a bed styled with our Charity Bedding Collection and Cozumel Muslin Blanket.

Start the new routine gradually for an easier transition to earlier starts!

We wish you another successful school year! If you need more tips on getting better rest this September, our Sleep Stylists are here to guide you and your little ones into your dreams, and follow us on Instagram and Facebook for more of our best sleep tips.

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