Top 5 Spring Cleaning Tips for 2022

Top 5 Spring Cleaning Tips for 2022

2021 May 20th

Spring’s in full swing, and summer’s just around the corner! That means it’s time to get ready for the lighter, longer days ahead so you can take advantage of all the warm weather has to offer. One surefire way to help you (and your house) prepare for the seasonal switch-up is to embark on a deep cleaning and decluttering session. Afterwards, you’ll be able to welcome the season in the best way possible: by spending more time relaxing and enjoying your space, and less time overwhelmed by the mess of it.

To help you give your home a new lease on life, we’ve put together 5 spring cleaning tips that’ll get you well on your way to brighter, better days in no time.

5 Spring Cleaning Tips

  1. Plan Your Approach

    First things first: make a plan of attack. Ad hoc-style cleaning is fine for the everyday mess, but trying to tackle your whole house in this way can get pretty overwhelming if you don’t have a game plan. Check over your home, making note of what rooms need work and what areas have been overlooked. It’s also smart to take inventory of your cleaning products so you can save yourself a trip to the store mid-clean (we’ve listed some great picks down on #4) .

    Put together a cleaning checklist so you know you’re not missing anything once you get started. Here’s a handy one for your bedroom that you can download, print, and mark off to ensure you don’t forget anything along the way.

    Another aspect to account for is your own individual preferences. Tailor your focus, routine, and schedule to work best with your organization style — the goal should be to clean as effectively and efficiently as possible. For example: those with shorter attention spans, and those less motivated, might do better to chip away at the work over several sessions, while those more enthusiastic about the job could get it all done in one session.

    Lastly, make sure you know exactly how to clean the more intimidating things on your list. If you wait until cleaning day to look up care tips & washing instructions, it’s easy to lose your tidy flow as you turn to the internet for help mid-clean. Be sure to check resources like our Laundering & Fabric Care Guide, and make sure you don’t have any cleaning questions unanswered before the big day.

  2. Declutter

    After you’ve devised a plan, scoped out the situation, and printed off your checklist, it’s time to get decluttering. Take this opportunity to clear out anything extra, and donate or give away what you’re able to — there’s no sense cleaning what you don’t need! Carry three bags around as you go: one for garbage, one for donations, and one for items that belong elsewhere (like in another room), or can be stored away for the season. Sorting through everything first is great for keeping yourself on track when you do start cleaning, as it helps ensure you won’t get distracted or interrupted.

    Linens, blankets, and bedding you intend on storing for the season should be clean, dry, and folded to avoid trapping moisture (which encourages mildew and mold to grow!). If you’re worried about storage space, here’s a handy tip: try packing your winter bedding and clothes away in our duvet bags, and use our  vacuum bags to keep your items compact.

    That said, make sure everything you’re putting away is stored the right way. Certain items like silk duvets will stay healthier when gently folded in a well-ventilated area, as being tightly sealed can damage the fill inside over time. If you’re storing bigger and more delicate items, always double check how to keep it safe while it waits!

    When you’re done, rejoice knowing you’ve cleared out what needs to go (out with the old, in with the new!) and have set yourself up for success once you do start cleaning. You might be surprised by how good it feels to rid yourself of the unnecessary clutter that accumulates.

  3. Work From Top to Bottom

    Once decluttering ends, cleaning begins! That means it’s time for a thorough dusting and wipe down — something that’s key to good home hygiene, especially for allergy sufferers. Move from top to bottom in each area, so you’re not working against yourself as you clean. Start by dusting ceiling fans, lamps, and all surfaces (cabinets, blinds, shelves etc.) before you get to the floor level. Use a vacuum to get any cobwebs or dust lurking beyond reach. Only after you’ve done everything else should you think about the surface below your feet — believe us, it will save you time!

  4. Clean Green

    Even though you’re endeavouring to do a deep clean, you should still try your best to avoid heavy, harsh chemicals. Try opting for ‘green’ products instead! There are many natural alternatives available that are better for the environment while being just as effective. When swapping out your winter layers for warmer weather linens, take some time to freshen up both with natural products like Dryer Balls (these products are also great for everyday laundry!). To do away with any stains, Grandma’s Spot Remover is another non-toxic, biodegradable option that works wonderfully.

    If you use a silk duvet (or you plan to when it gets warmer), you won’t even need to run the washing machine at all! These duvets can be cleaned with sun curing, meaning you can simply air out the silk by hanging it outside in the sun for an hour or two. Because silk absorbs moisture, this process will dry your duvet out, making it fluffier and lighter while improving its insulating properties. You’ll be able to start the sunny season off right with a more satisfying night’s sleep! 

  5. Start Fresh

    Remember that spring is a time for renewal — so why not take the time to renew your decor? Make your home feel extra fresh and summer-ready by incorporating new colours, patterns, and textures into your interior design in the form of throws, blankets, and cushions. Not only will your space feel updated, but your comfort level will increase, too!

    As far as your most intimate home area goes, a new duvet cover can bring fresh energy into your bedroom in an instant. There’s also something to be said for the fact that new, freshly laundered sheets are one of life’s best, most affordable with that information what you will.

    When all is done and dusted, so to speak, an invigorating scent makes the perfect finishing touch — like a spritz of refreshing essential oil. Try our Good Morning or Good Health Essential Oil Mists for an energizing blend that will set the tone for the season.

With all that out of the way, take a second to breathe a sigh of relief — your home is now clean! Hopefully these 5 tips helped make your time as straightforward and pain-free as possible, so you can get back to enjoying the sun.

If you were planning on swapping out your bedding for the season, or refreshing your room with some comfy new decor, book a free virtual consultation with one of our friendly experts — they’ll help you personalize your approach. Our Linen Laundering and Care page is another great resource for keeping your bedding fresh, clean, and ready to go all year round.

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