Trendy Dorm Room Essentials Starter Packs

Trendy Dorm Room Essentials Starter Packs

2022 Aug 9th

If you’re about to move into campus accommodation for the first time, or are the parent of someone who is, this marks one of the first official transitions into adulthood ー a significant time indeed! No matter personal preferences, hobbies or size restrictions, there’s one thing every dorm sleeper needs: a cozy, comfortable space where you can feel at home to sleep, study, and relax!

Dorm rooms are often the first time in a person’s life where you can fully personalize your own space. You may be living in a shared dorm room, but at the very least you’ll have your own bed, and luckily there’s a lot you can do with a bed to create a cozy home away from home.

If you’re on the hunt for some dorm room ideas or inspiration, keep reading! We’ve got four looks, each with their own dorm essentials checklist. We suggest reading through each and pulling out the tips and ideas that apply to you, your tastes, space, and preferences. Think of it as a little decór homework!

1. The Efficient Minimalist Starter Pack

For those who appreciate a tidy and well-organized space with subtle cues taken from their interests or field of study, this easily customizable look ticks all of the boxes. Choose minimalist decor to maximize your study area - sometimes less is more!

Collage graphic labelled The Efficient Minimalist Starter Pack featuring multiple items on a white background

The Efficient Minimalist Essentials Checklist:

□   A medium warmth duvet is a smart choice for dorm sleepers - our Valhalla Microgel Duvet is designed for year round warmth, can be machine washed, and better yet, has a student-friendly price point!

□   Bedding with nature-inspired graphic prints like our forest print Cypress (pictured) or a minimalist, grayscale print like Birchgrove.

□    Natural fiber bed sheets like our Organic Cotton Sheet Set in Waterway are a budget-friendly option that will keep you comfortable throughout every season.

□    Mattress protectors are a must-have for a comfortable and hygienic sleep. Our Quilted Mattress Protector comes in Twin XL - the typical size of a dorm mattress.

□    Floor rugs can help to warm up a space and add a little touch of comfort for those long night study sessions. A simple, grayscale geometric print can add visual interest to your room while preserving a pared-back aesthetic.

□    Furniture and accessories with metallic finishes and clean lines reduce the visual heaviness of your room, helping to create the illusion of more space.

□    Ditch the clutter and get a stand for your mobile phone, this will double as an alarm clock and a screen to binge watch Netflix from bed in your down time.

□    Artwork can help to aid study as well as add a decorative touch to bare walls. Posters are an awesome and affordable option - easy to put up and easy to take down, with an incredible selection available to shop online!

The final grade:

Our Cypress Bedding Collection styled on a twin size bed with our Organic Cotton Sheet Set in Waterway

2. The Comfort Connoisseur Starter Pack

Your university years will go down in history as some of the most memorable. There’s no reason not to do it in style, or with your own personal touch. Just because you’re living away from home, it doesn’t mean you must forego creature comforts! Full-time study is an enormous undertaking and commitment, set yourself up for success by creating a comfy living space you’ll love being in!

Collage graphic labelled The Comfort Connoisseur Starter Pack featuring multiple items on a white background

The Comfort Connoisseur Essentials Checklist:

□    Bedding with bright neutral tones and textured embellishments like our urban boho styles Sima and Charity. Go one step further and add extra throw pillows like our Ishara Artisanal Cushion or a snuggly throw for a dorm room with all the trimmings.

□    Sheet Sets containing a top sheet as well as pillowcase(s) and a fitted sheet are a smart choice for dorm living. Sleeping with a top sheet is a matter of personal preference. Our sheet sets come with a flat sheet, which offers extra insulation and breathability, provides a soft middle layer between you and your duvet cover or comforter, and sleeping with one also helps maintain your outer bedding, reducing the need for frequent washing or dry cleaning.

□    Down pillows are a stellar choice for those seeking luxurious, all-night support. We’ve got options to suit most kinds of sleepers - explore our range online.

□    Mattress toppers are an incredible solution for boosting your bedtime comfort, without forking out for a brand new mattress. Our MLILY® 2" Memory Foam Topper is available in Twin XL, Double and Queen sizes.

   Mood lighting is key for creating a cozy, personalized space. String lights are a cheap way to add a warm ambience to your study nook or above your bed. Go the extra mile and invest in a neon light for fun and function!

   Furniture that’s white or light coloured will help to brighten up a room and also reflect light, keeping a small or dark space feeling a lot bigger and brighter.

   Luxurious bedtime accessories will make it feel like you’re in a hotel rather than a dorm room! For a snuggly extra layer try our Plush Faux Fur Bathrobe, and fluffy matching Slippers will keep your feet just as cozy. If you enjoy a weekend sleep-in or live with roommates, our Mulberry Silk Eye Masks will shield your eyes from unwelcome light.

The final grade:

Our Sima Bedding Collection styled on a twin size bed with our Vintage Washed European Linen Flat Sheet in Natural and coordinating pillow case. Our Diamond Square Cushion Cover and Plush Faux Fur Bath Robe in Silver are also shown

3. The Style Experimentalist Starter Pack

For those with dorm rooms on the small side, this is the perfect time to experiment with your personal taste. With less square footage to cover, a mini makeover won’t necessarily break the bank. Have fun with different aesthetics and by the time you move into a place of your own, you’ll have a better understanding of your unique style.

Collage graphic labelled The Style Experimentalist Starter Pack featuring multiple items on a white background

The Style Experimentalist Essentials Checklist:

   Reversible duvet covers are a cost-efficient bedding option for those who like to shift the mood of their room, without needing to make multiple purchases. Our Bianco collection’s bright white print reverses to an inverted black design with the same gorgeous marbling detail. For a splash of colour, Nairn is another of our reversible bestsellers.

   Explore custom solutions to your bedding lineup. Take our Duvet Quiz to identify the perfect choice for your unique needs, then browse our versatile range of pillows - we even have options with adjustable filling!

   Silky soft TENCEL™ sheets made from sustainably harvested eucalyptus trees have a lustrous finish that will polish up both your bedroom and quality of sleep. Try our Eucalyptus Luxe Sheet Set in Silver.

   Additional pillows will not just bring supreme comfort, encasing them in decorative shams will add extra pizzazz to your dorm, and are an affordable way to switch up your style throughout the years.

   Leisure reading kept next to your bed will help you to enjoy some device-free downtime. So important to balance study with some mood-boosting (analog) entertainment!

   Contemporary type-based art for your room’s walls can double as a daily reminder to keep you feeling positive, on track and goal-directed during the ups and downs of student life.

   Adding greenery is a terrific way of adding colour and cheer to a room, no matter whether you are going through a minimalist or maximalist phase. Use a standing planter or small stool to elevate your leafy friend, this will help to give your room balance!

The final grade:

Our Bianco Duvet Cover and coordinating Pillow Sham styled on a twin size bed with our Eucalyptus Luxe TENCEL Lyocell Sheet Set in Silver

4. The Frugal Environmentalist Starter Pack

Budget concerns should never get in the way of sticking to your values. In fact, if there’s ever a time to take charge of your decisions as a consumer, it’s precisely the moment you leave your parents’ home. Taking a sustainable approach is rewarding enough on its own, but for savvy shoppers, this philosophy can actually save you money!

Collage graphic labelled The Frugal Environmentalist Starter Pack featuring multiple items on a white background

The Frugal Environmentalist Essentials Checklist:

   Eco-friendly bedding will help you sleep better at night. Try our Recycled Polyester line of sheeting, comforters and duvet covers. They all come as a set, so you don’t need to worry about coordinating your pillows. If you need a decor idea, we paired Flow, our textured baby blue comforter set, with our Recycled Polyester Sheet Set in its charming green shade, Aqua Mist.

   Choosing carbon neutral products is a fantastic way to participate in responsible consumerism. If you are in the market for new pillows and duvets, shop our Carbon Neutral range, which includes down and silk duvets, bamboo cotton and TENCEL™ sheeting.

   Upcycling items make it easier to embrace a zero waste philosophy. For those who avoid buying plastic, you might find yourself collecting glass containers. Rather than discard glass bottles, why not use them as a vase?

   Renewable and recycled materials will be a natural first preference for furniture and decor. Wooden furniture is a great green choice, and brings a natural warmth to the aesthetic of a room. Check your local second-hand marketplaces or thrift stores to score a high quality bargain!

   Colour coordinate accessories and artwork to achieve a low-effort yet curated look. Throw blankets are a low-cost decorative option with versatile uses. Our Frosted Shaggy Throws come in shades that will harmonize well with any aesthetic, for an unbeatable price!

   Indoor plants help to purify the air, add life to cramped spaces, and will keep you company throughout the school year!

The final grade:Our Recycled Polyester Comforter Set is shown styled on a twin size bed with our Recycled Microfiber Sheet Set in Aqua Mist

Hopefully you’re now feeling inspired and excited to go and design the dorm room of your dreams! We’ve got 70+ retail locations around Canada, so find your local store and pay us a visit. Our Sleep Stylists love to provide tailored solutions, so don’t be shy to ask for advice. In fact, dorm rooms are some of our favourite spaces to help style!

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